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Walmart has the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in an amazing promotion

Walmart has the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in an amazing promotion


Features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone sold by Walmart

he Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Who sells Walmart Priced at $1,008.88, it has 256GB of memory and is unlocked for use with any carrier. In addition, it has a 200-megapixel camera and comes in different colors.

According to Walmart’s description, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can do things like:

  • Change the search method
  • Get translated from other languages ​​in real time
  • Smarter notes, with Falaxy AI, which allows you to summarize, format and translate texts
  • Better illumination in dark environments
  • Best photo camera and photo editor
  • A more powerful phone
  • Slow motion memories
  • I prefer writing
  • Better image and video quality for gaming and streaming
  • Fast and easy copying

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, walmart.webp

Since Walmart They explained that once the purchase is delivered, there are 30 days to change the phone Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra If this is a problem. In this way, the supermarket tries to keep all its customers happy.

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