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Vito Baez speaks after censorship of documentaries at the Havana Film Festival

Vito Baez speaks after censorship of documentaries at the Havana Film Festival

Argentine singer and songwriter Vito Baez He expressed his support for the Cuban Directors Association, in the context of censorship of many documentaries in the country Havana Film Festival.

Baez said in a message published by the group of filmmakers on Twitter: “Expressions cannot be censored, nor will they be tolerated. They are something linked to human nature, and it is impossible to reduce and domesticate them, so whoever understands this must understand it.” Facebook.

“All my support to Directors Association Those who are waging this noble and wonderful battle in this very difficult moment in Cuba, defending its values ​​and its truths and defending freedom, in short, I want to say what I want, how I want and how I can, because many times it has been stressed that we make films in the most dangerous ways.

He said, “When there is an idea and there is something to say, cinema exists to leave testimony in any way.”

The translator said: “You are the heroes of this week and this time, forcefully defending what must be defended: freedom of human expression.”

Exactly the documentary Vito Havana, directed by Juan Pin Vilar, was banned at the festival now taking place; Beside Calls from MoscowBy the young director Luis Alejandro Yero.

Six months ago, filmmakers and artists gathered at the Filmmakers Association and issued a statement in protest Copyright violations by many creatorsWhen an unauthorized version of Pin Vilar’s documentary was shown on national television.

The Filmmakers Council was formed to demand that the authorities respond to this violation, and confirms that no one has been punished so far.

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In the post in which he publishes Baez’s message, he stated that his goal is to fight the policies of censorship and exclusion, and he thanks Vito for his message of encouragement.

The singer-songwriter had already spoken out against The treatment given to him by the Cuban regime To the documentary Vito Havanawhose exhibition was banned by the Ministry of Culture.

“they [los censores] “They do not represent the people,” he said a few weeks ago.

The Cuban Directors Association consists of Fernando Pérez (director and screenwriter), Demi Datri (director and cameraman), Juan Antonio García Borrero (film researcher and critic), Ernesto Daranas (director and screenwriter), Rosa María Rodríguez (director and screenwriter). Director and producer), Luis Alberto García (actor and producer), Kiki Alvarez (director and screenwriter), Catherine T. Gavilan (director and actress), Gustavo Arcos (professor and film critic), Carla Valdés (director and screenwriter) and Manuel A. Rodriguez Young (producer and director), among others.