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Visa cancellation: US embassy says it will continue to review visas and applications issued Political |  News

Visa cancellation: US embassy says it will continue to review visas and applications issued Political | News

Diplomatic mission in Ecuador states that visas for judges and other persons working in the legal and judicial departments have been revoked.

Almost a month later, the US ambassador, Michael Fitzpatrick, Said visas had been revoked. “Nargogenerals“In Ecuador; in an official statement, The US Embassy It spells out visa cancellation and promises to continue to review issued visas and applications.

The United States has revoked a visa from Ecuador’s Nargogenerals.

In a “statement” issued on the afternoon of Monday, January 10, the embassy noted that the embassy had revoked the non-immigrant visas of several Ecuadorian judges and other persons working in the legal and judicial departments. They will not comment on personal cases as visas and records are reserved for them.

In addition, holding a visa is a privilege, not a right, and the decision to issue it is the sovereignty of all countries in the world.

“The US Embassy takes the issue of corruption seriously and will carefully review existing visas and new visa applications. We will continue to use this power. Crime, ”the embassy said in a statement.

The embassy ends with an analysis of the consequences of corruption in the world, threatening the stability of corrupt countries and citizens, stifling economic growth, undermining human rights and undermining the trust of institutions.

“It should be noted that in every instance of public corruption, a private partner is equally involved. President Joe Biden The United States has made it clear that it is taking concrete steps to combat corruption and organized crime in the United States and abroad. No country can fight these problems alone and other nations must do their part. ”

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As of this morning, the sources Ministry of Government As a result of Fitzpatrick’s reports, they confirmed that the US embassy had not yet received a request for information.

Referring to the issue, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister on Monday morning, January 10 Juan Carlos Holquin He said Ecuador had sought information on who had their visas revoked and that at this time it was common knowledge that their visas were in order at the highest level of the police.

“The fight against corruption, as President Biden has said more than once, is not just a matter for the United States, but a commitment to the world. Can do. ”, Said Holguin.

Following the US ambassador’s statements, President Guillermo Lasso promised that the embassy would name the generals who had been fired this year and supported the current police chief, led by the commander – in – chief. Tanya Varela.

Narco-Generals case: ‘US ambassador refers to retired generals this year’ says Guillermo Lasso

In addition, the embassy called the General Victor Aras He also withdrew his visa. Aras was fired along with three other generals: Pablo Rodriguez, Inspector General of Police; Edgar Korea, Director of Social Welfare; Y Paulo Terron, In August last year, President Guillermo Lasso was reinstated by an executive order, and by a judicial decision on his actions. The government is set to appeal the ruling to the Pichincha Provincial Court.

For his part, the Minister of State, Alexandra Vela, And the police chief went The general contradiction of the state To request your property statements and your family to begin a special examination.

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National Police: Two generals have almost doubled their assets in the last four years and another has more than doubled

On December 27, the Comptroller’s Office announced the launch of special tests on the patriarchal declarations of 25 generals of the National Police, which would take 91 days and extend to wives, public law partners and minor children. Researched. (I)