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Villa Mella reactiva la "Tarde de son" con presentaciones en el parque de grupos soneros

Villa Mella revitalizes the “Tarde de son” with presentations in the Sons Groups Garden

Santo Domingo. Dr

With the aim of salvaging the traditional rhythms of the area and contributing to its durability, Los Hermanos Heredia, to the rhythm of a son, danced dozens of people, who remained faithful to the type of music that is part of the musical tradition.

Held in the central garden of Villa Mella and under the auspices of councilor José Manuel López, the old moments of joy are brought to life once again, with the cultural and folkloric performance of Los Congos de Sixto Minier, and where attendees danced to the rhythm of the son, by Los Hermanos Heredia.

Lopez explained that this initiative called “Tarde de Son” seeks to restore traditional folk music and dance in Vila Mella, which was stopped during the epidemic period and they are now trying to revive it.

“Through this initiative we seek to go back to our city roots, the patron saint celebrations, that after Covid-19 there has been no entertainment in the park, I think the best opportunity is to give a share to the community and the community, here with the whole town, where they can come with the family to enjoy With a healthy environment and reminiscent of antiquity,” Lopez explained

José Manuel Lopez highlighted that “Tarde de son” will be an event that takes place on the last Sunday of every month and folk teams from the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte will be exhibiting.

“On the last Sunday of every month we will have an orchestra in the central park of Vila Mella, making people have fun, so it will be the turn of every local artist in time; both Sonia Cabral, our municipal icon, as well as all the original groups from here will play In this Tarde de Son, as well as the Queen of Sticks, Eneroliza Núñez” he pointed out.

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He argued that they should fight to keep the son alive and that these initiatives should receive more support, both from the government and from private investors in the area, to help people have a fun, no-cost space in their park as was the tradition before. .

Attend the activity: young and old, where they can enjoy a healthy fun-filled environment, according to the advisor. “This seeks to revive the culture of Villa Mella: a city with a lot of culture, with many traditions, and Covid seems to have made us sleep a little. What we want is to benefit and give the community a chance on a Sunday of healthy recreation in Central Park in Villa Mella,” he said.

Lopez invited all the residents of the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte to enjoy the son and the traditional folk culture of the Villa Mella, at the son’s noon that will be held on the last Sunday of every month.

Santo Domingo Norte is a traditional folklore municipality that coined the Son Rhythm, as one of its traditional rhythms, and it is worth noting that in Villa Mela, there was a business called “La Vieja Habana” which was a haven for this genre. It was the first entertainment center in the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte to establish son dances with live music.

More than just a genre, son is a way of life, whose vintage elegance makes many lovers trapped in a sonic blend of Afro-Cuban musical instruments, such as the bongo, playing the marimbula, the guiro and the maraca.