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videos |  Yannette Garcia turns up the heat for Christmas with a topless dance and latex leggings

videos | Yannette Garcia turns up the heat for Christmas with a topless dance and latex leggings

birthday It’s one of celebrities’ favorite seasons to show off their winter outfits, but not for it Yannette Garcia who turned up the heat with a dangerous dance in it Show your personality And better steps Topless and tight stretchy pants style Santa Clause To become the perfect gift dedicated to his followers.

The 32-year-old model started her career on a local channel in Monterrey, Nuevo León, but her talent and overwhelming beauty soon opened doors to major projects like the morning show “Hoy” where she co-starred in credits with Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montejo. Although this didn’t last long, she managed to win the hearts of the public who now know her as “The Weather Girl” for her unique way of presenting the weather forecast.

Yannette Garcia left the program and traveled to New York To make his dream come true health coach Something he achieved at the same time that his popularity increased through it Only fans So to become part of the list as one of the Highest-earning Mexican women on the platform For adults, all while starring in a few film and TV projects.

the driver holidays in mexico to celebrate Christmas with his family, but he didn’t completely leave social media because he spoiled his more than 14 million followers on Instagram with Revealing fashion With a Christmas theme to which she added a touch of excitement that is very much her signature and let go Little to the imagination.

Christmas look by Yanette Garcia

The presenter’s latest look on her Instagram account has become one of her fans’ favorites, as she can be seen wearing a skin-tight jacket. latex pants In red, subtle strap-type details define its contours perfectly small waist.

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For this, she opted for matching closed toe black sneakers and for the upper part, she used only golden details with which she covered her charms. added a Santa Claus hat who joined him in the trend of the holidays.

Yannette Garcia poses topless. Photo: IGiamyanetgarcia

She did not wait for the comments and her followers filled her with compliments: “Beautiful”, “Queen”, “.beautiful“,” I love you so much “and” You are perfect. “Although it was not the only appearance with which he attracted attention on social networks, a few days ago he decided to please his fans with Complete series.

It all started with revealing red underwear, The same outfit he used for the second outfit in which he dons an “ugly sweater” which is part of the fun during Christmas. In addition, some chose Latex high boots Which she added to her third look with a tight suit in shades of red velvet.

Matching jumpsuit, Yanette Garcia. picture. @iamyanetgarcia

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