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Video: The Cuban dictatorship broke into the house of an opponent and arrested him

Video: The Cuban dictatorship broke into the house of an opponent and arrested him

Arrest of an enemy in Cuba

The economic and health crisis facing Cuba, coupled with severe shortages of food, medicine and other basic necessities, provoked popular discontent on an island where protests were not uncommon. Thousands of people came out on Sunday to protest the regime shouting “freedom”, while the dictatorship suppressed and imprisoned people in the streets. He searched their homes to stop them.

It was recorded on a video in which an opponent, Who seems to be in his room at home, Encourages people Continue to protest The dictatorship ends in Cuba. Seconds later, several men violently enter the scene and arrest him.

Hey, show that this tick is worth it and stand up to all of youSays the Cuban man. In anticipation of what is going to happen he adds: “He’s coming to knock on the door, you know how they are …”.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) condemned it this Tuesday Prisoners in the struggles in Cuba “Beyond 150” and demanded an end to human rights abuses on the island.

“The initial list of detainees at the protests in Cuba exceeded 150,” the director of the US HRW wrote on his Twitter account. Jose Miguel Vivanco, Who warned? “The whereabouts of many of them are unknown”.

Sunday’s unprecedented day ended with dozens of arrests and clashes Cuban dictator Miguel Diaz-Colonel will order his supporters on television to confront the opposition and come out to defend the revolution.

Vivanko insisted on it “Protest is a right, not a crime.”

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What else, Released a list of missing persons whose author attributed the cause to Quebelex, an NGO, of which 171 are said to be missing., 17 of which have already been published or their whereabouts are known.

In this list, in addition to people’s names and surnames, the last place they visited, Detention time and date and your “last report” on the situation.

On the other hand, Last week, the hashtag #SOSCuba increased on networks seeking humanitarian assistance to the islands. For some, the episode was the catalyst for Sunday’s protests.

Yes, it all started with a simple #SOSCuba on social networksInternet user Rafa commented on Twitter. “Do you still think social networks are useless? We are the generation of the phone, but with the courage that our parents and grandparents lacked”, He pointed out.

On the same social network, Cylie de Amarillo wrote: “Don’t stop tweeting, folks, let the world know that #Cuba is awake and it’s free”.

On your side, Dictatorship hits Internet users, they “describe a situation with networks”, And accuses the US of launching the #SOSCuba campaign.

“I call on Twitter and the US government to recognize or deny the serious use of political operators Collective labels or robots, giants (…) groups in this action against CubaCuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said.

Sunday from noon, Mobile internet was inaccessible on the island And continued on Tuesday. “Disruption of the Internet is a means of silencing protesters in Cuba”, The NGO has now condemned the access.

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(With information from EFE and AFP)

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