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One Tiktoker talked about life in the United States being “boring” and creating an avalanche of grafts.

One Tiktoker talked about life in the United States being “boring” and creating an avalanche of grafts.

The TikToker Martha Chacon is from Yuma, Arizona. She decided to talk about her experience with celebrities without filters The “American Dream,” especially according to the Latino public’s view.

Even when moving to live in another country, there is always a certain amount of sadness and strangeness in this case in America, usually for many Latinos. They tend to idealize life in AmericaOr at least that’s what this young woman thought, talking about how “overwhelming” the experience would be.

Although Clashes of culture are inevitableThey never cease to wonder, especially considering that he grew up in a country with other customs and social traditions all his life.

Via video on your account @mfcmloks53Martha He told how his life had changed since he started living in the US territory. The reason? From your point of view, People are always more focused on their work and other occupations.

According to TikToker, this is the most boring thing about living in America

The content creator shared his feelings with the entire virtual community because he was fed up with the situation and wanted to make it clear that this experience is not what everyone imagines: “There are no ways to interact with others, so life becomes very boring.”, and then began to elaborate that he had that opinion because of the series of practices and lack of leisure time.

As he assumed, between work, school and household duties, Different people want to be free Don’t associate with others so as not to waste your time. Socializing, for her Very low on the priority list for most.

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In that sense, He stood in solidarity with all Latinos living the American dream Put another way: “I imagine many people have a disease Like me, bored and alone”, he concluded.

Although many foreigners say that Immigrating to America is the best decisionFor others it is the opposite. This was evident in the comments section of Martha’s video Most users who reacted agreed with him They also shared their own experiences.

According to TikToker, living in America is not what everyone thinks it is

One expressed the classic saying of when one has everything, but at the same time feels like they have nothing: “One of the worst experiences I had living in America as a teenager.“Even though my life had some privileges or advantages, I was very emotionally drained,” said one user.

But he didn’t just share his bad experience and pointed out that many people don’t dare to reveal the truth behind the idealization of the “American Dream”. “It happens to me completely, I’ve been here for a year, I’m 19 years old, everything was very difficult”, “I confirm, and the breaks need to sleep and wash”, “I assure you, it is very sedentary”, “very sure”, “Someone who finally understood meThere were some comments.