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He spoke the "reality" of living in America and shattered the illusions of many: "Get out of the clouds."

He spoke the “reality” of living in America and shattered the illusions of many: “Get out of the clouds.”

The American dream is the desire of many people who want to change their standard of living. Starting over in another country is always complicated And a ticktoker wanted to make his point when he said What is true for him when he immigrated to America? He noted that most foreigners have the wrong idea of ​​what it means to work or live in the US, and it immediately raised awareness among those who saw it.

It is through his account @.Rafale 85 m That Rafael Morales lists all the beliefs that some people have, especially making a lot of money with just a few hours of work a day. “As a newbie, things are not easy and surely they become a real dream for you,” he said, making all kinds of comments in one sentence.

He assured that some people believe that going to America is like living in pride. According to your clip, They range from those who expect to earn several dollars to those who expect to find a partner of North American descent. They should be granted citizenship easily. “The idea of ​​owning an apartment for newcomers to the United States, get out of the cloud,” declared the content creator and assured that the immigrant could only live in a shared apartment with other foreigners.

According to TikToker, this is life in America

Raphael wanted the dreamers to come out of their reveries: “I’m going to get a gringa to give me the papers… No, it’s It’s not that easy because you don’t speak English”, he later emphasized that life in that country was not easy.

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Although he later admitted that there was only one way to make a fortune working there: lots of overtime and a Monday-to-Monday schedule with no breaks.

Not everyone liked Raphael’s statements. Some corrected him and spoke from their own experience, assuming that each case was different. “Brother, it depends on how each one moves, how he grows and how far his desire to succeed goes. Everyone has their luck”, “Who said you have everything when you come? The new comer is the same everywhere, pay the new”, were the comments he received.

Living in America is a dream of many people and this TikToker wants to warn you about some details

On the other hand, there were people in the audience They insisted that he was exaggerating the situationWhenever someone moved they had to start from the bottom: “Dude, the beginning is hard everywhere, you have to go to work”, “I think everyone who leaves goes to work, it’s borne in mind”.

Finally, Some even gave reasons for it: “You work a lot my friend, it’s very expensive in America”, “Most people leave because it’s a dream for kids because of the movies we’ve seen”, “I have family there 30 years ago. And they don’t even have their own house, life is hard there”, they judged. .