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The international community has Camila Ortega, the weak point of the Nicaraguan president, in the corner

The international community has Camila Ortega, the weak point of the Nicaraguan president, in the corner

Managua Nicaragua.

Canada on Wednesday announced the imposition of new sanctions on 15 senior officials Nicaraguan rule, Among them was the daughter of President Daniel Ortega, Camila Ortega Murillo, “In response to human rights violations” in Central America.

The 15 persons They have already been approved by US authorities in recent months. Action taken Government of Canada Prevents them Citizens-People or Organizations- Economic activities with members on this list.

The list also includes Finance Minister Ivan Agosta; Chairman Central Bank of Nicaragua, Leonardo Reyes, and Finance General dAnd Republicans, Ana Julia Guido and those in charge Politics, police and the military.

The Canadian Foreign Ministry said in a statement from 2018 that “the government Nicaragua He has been committing blatant and legitimate human rights violations against him population, Included Repressive and violent campaigns Provided by the government against the protesters Oppression Anything Political opposition “.

Canada Despite the demands of the international community, the government President Ortega “It has refused to implement significant reforms to ensure that its population can remain Free and fair elections In November 2021 it increased its attacks “instead” Civil and Political Rights “.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Canada, Marc Corneo, affirmed that the country supports the demands of the people of Nicaragua “a just and peaceful future rooted in fundamental respect Human rights, Freedom Media And the right to vote Free elections, Fair and transparent “.

Corneo added to it Canada Demands the authorities Nicaragua “The release of unjust prisoners and respect for law and international obligations Human rights “.

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