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Video: Mariachi fell into the pool;  Colleagues and laughter celebrated

Video: Mariachi fell into the pool; Colleagues and laughter celebrated

Did the mariachi stay silent? Not this time. The birthday girl's lyrical song went viral On social media after one of the musicians was hired He ended up in the swimming poolAn incident that did not prevent the show from continuing…even with laughter.

What happened to Al-Marishi?

In the clip shared by @ceciliaaviles07, you can see a group entering a party during this They sing “Las mañanitas”Even though he waited for the rest of his friends one by one He fell into the poolWhich sparked laughter among everyone present.

Amidst the ridicule, the mariachi continued their performance without No one stopped to help their partnerWhile two women, one of whom was celebrating her birthday, started laughing.

The one who did this was the last one to enter, who stayed behind with everything and his bouquet to attend to the musician.

Feedback on networks

So now the first video is accumulating More than 22 million views in Tik TokWhile the second, from the flight attendant's point of view, barely exceeds 360 thousand.

As expected, the reactions were the most amusing, particularly when he highlighted that he had not received any help, although there were also those who expressed concern about the possibility of the violin becoming unusable.

“None of his colleagues came back to help him, it was definitely his boss who paid too little.” “I'm the friend… I laugh my ass off and then I help him.”“Poor guy he made me laugh so hard but then I thought about his instrument and how he got all wet.”

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