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Vida suffers a controversial goal disqualification against Platense;  Real Spain added their eighth win in a row by beating Real Sociedad

Vida suffers a controversial goal disqualification against Platense; Real Spain added their eighth win in a row by beating Real Sociedad


Welcome to a minute of this Wednesday: Upnfm vs. Victoria and Real Sociedad vs. Real España and Vida vs. Platense.

TOCOA Ended Game: Real Sociedad lost 3-0 to Real Spain at the Francisco Martinez Doron Stadium. Hector Vargas’ team added its eighth win in a row.

56th minute in La Ceiba: Incorrect goal! Annotation has been removed by Alexandre Aguilar for infiltration by Rafael Agamez.

81st minute in Toccoa: GOOOOOOLLL! Ramiro Roca scores 0-3 for Real Spain against Real Sociedad.

The first half ended in Los Angeles: Vida drops 0-1 against Platense at the end of 45 minutes.

45 + 2 minutes in La Ceiba: GOOOOLLLLL! Alvaro Klosiner eliminated Vida’s defense in a one-on-one match against Roberto Lopez. (1-0).

52nd minute in Toccoa: Tapadón! Michael Pirello surprises with a great save from Ronnie Martinez to keep his goal blank.

40th minute in La Ceiba: Vida and Platense continue to draw 0-0 at Sibieno Stadium.

Resuming play in TOCOA: Real Sociedad and Real Spain fought in the second half at the Francisco Martinez Doron Stadium.

The match ended in Danley: Lobos Upnfm lost 0-3 to Victoria in Round 13 of the 2021-22 Clausura Championship. The targets were the work of Marco Tulio Vega (2) and José Velázquez Colon.

Check out the goals of Victoria’s victory

FThe first half ends in cocoa: Real Spain beat Real Sociedad 0-2 with two goals from Marco Assetono and Junior Lacayo.

Danley’s 91st minute: GOOOOOOOLLL! José Velasquez Colon scored 0-3 for Victoria against Upnfm at Marcelo Tinoco Stadium.

44th minute in TokoA: GOOOOOOOOLLLL! Junior Lacayo scores 0-2 for Real Spain at the Estadio Francisco Martinez Doron.

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37th minute in Toccoa: GOOOOOOOLLLL! Marco Ascetono scores 0-1. The robot footballer took advantage of the rebound in the area to defeat goalkeeper Jose Mariano Pineda.

32nd minute in Toccoa: Yellow! Deyron Martínez is booked for violent play.

from La Seba: Start the first half between Vida and Platense.

23rd minute in Toccoa: ¡yellow! Myron Flores has been booked for violent play.

From La Ceiba: Vida and Platense confirm alignment

Official Vida lineup: Roberto Lopez, Juan Pablo Montes, Carlos Sanchez, Nelson Muñoz, Elison Rivas, Alexandre Aguilar, Juan Contreras, Sergio Peña, Marvin Bernardez, Rafael Agmez and Carlos Argueta

Official Platency Alliance: Anthony Cervantes, Rubén Garcia, André Orellana, Marcos Martinez, Alvaro Sebastian, Klosiner, Jorge Cardona, William Moncada, Francisco Javier, Elder Ramos, Edun Rocha, Jose Montoya

7:02 pm:The match resumes in Danley! Upnfm and Victoria play the second half at Marcelo Tinoco Stadium.

7:00 PM First time start at TOCOA! Real Sociedad and Real Spain are already facing each other on the pitch Francisco Martinez Doron.

45 + 3 finished first in Danlí. Victoria defeats Upnfm 0-2.

From Toccoa:

Real Sociedad squad: Jose Pineda, Deron Martinez, Christopher Martinez, Jamal Charles, Achim Garnett, Clifox Bernardez, Kelvin Matute, Sonny Fernandez, Yer Gutierrez, Duster Monico and Delson Figueroa.

Align Real Spain: Michael Perillo, Kevin Alvarez, Getsil Montes, Devron Garcia, Franklin Flores, Myron Flores, Gerson Chavez, Junior Lacayo, Goh Benavidez, Marco Asitono, Ramiro Roca

32´: GOOOOOOOLLLL! Marco Tullio Vega again appears in the area and scores his second header in the night, this time after help from Alexei Vega.

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30 Yellow On Upnfm! Jacques Baptiste has been booked for repeated fouls.

29´: Serious mistake! Jacques Baptiste (Upnfm) goes down to Marco Tullio. The referee gives a verbal warning and warns before the second warning.

26´: GOOOOOOOOLLLLL! Marco Tulio Vega (Victoria) heads up after a cross from Arnaldo Urbina from the left wing.

24′ eviction! Justin Pons was booked a straight red card after a strong tackle on Yaudel Lahera.

09Upnfm missed it: Jacques Baptiste in a dangerous shot that ends up hitting the right vertical of Harold Fosinka (Victoria).

08′ Double save for Gerson Argueta! > The Upnfm goalkeeper blocked key shots by Alexy Vega.

04 & # 39; Victoria takes control of the ball in the first minutes of the match.

6:00 pm Start the first time!

5:35 PM: Winning squad: HArnold Fonseca, Jose Colon, Kenneth Hernandez, Alexei Vega, Damien Ramirez, Alan Banegas, Arnaldo Urbina, Yudel Lahira, Oscar Suazo and Pedro Hernandez.

5:30 pm – UPNFM alignmentGerson Argueta, Jacques Baptiste, Pablo Cacho, Lesvin Medina, Oliver Morazan, Rembrandt Flores, Cesar Gillin, Rubel Bernardez, Axel Gomez, Juan Ramon Mejia, Justin Pons.