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The doorman has the bags ready

The doorman has the bags ready

The ‘rojiblanco’ goalkeeper doesn’t know why he lost the property and admits the doors shouldn’t be closed anywhere.

Raul Godinho packed his bags
© jam mediaRaul Godinho packed his bags

The future of Raul Godinho in Chivas de Guadalajara is unclear and in light of this he admitted that it has not been closedOr to anyone else who was postponed because he was unable to renew his contract with the group from Guadalajara, but at the same time stated that he did not know if this problem was the cause. who lost ownership with Miguel Jimenez at the Clausura 2022 tournament.

a necklace Gudiño concludes in December of this year, which he could start in the summer to negotiate With another team to launch for free from January 2023, So he made it clear that no door can be closed, Although he made it clear that negotiations with the Holy Herd are continuing.

“Well, in the end they talk; things are like that, negotiations, but one always does To look for the best option and think calmly. It’s the club I grew up in, and I owe it everything. You have to keep thinking about what might come in the future. We are in negotiations. You don’t have to hide it, you also have to start looking for options And taking the best around family, show and play, which is the main thing.”

“Yes, there were approaches, but we are still in talks with the club, In the end I am free to listen, to inquire, and to coldly decide what my fate and future may prepare for me. There are options and they are discussed in both parts (Liga MX and abroad)“, Gudiño multiplied in an interview with the Mediotiempo portal.

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He doesn’t know why he lost the property

in this way, Godinho revealed that he does not know the reasons for not participating in the starting lineup, After the seventh day of Clausura 2022 where Gorgeous Jimenez became the star goalkeeper:“These are things that are coming up, and nothing was wrong or something so obvious, It’s the football stuff, one doesn’t explain and one doesn’t make the decision.”

‘Cause like that, I couldn’t tell you; I don’t know if it was because of the contractI don’t know if it was a technical decision. I don’t know how to answer you. Only the people out there can say, one has to be a professional. I don’t like not playing, it’s gross. We are here to play and we love football, it’s the role we play now.”

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