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Venezuela - Venezuela - Nicolas Maduro accuses US of plotting against the international community

Venezuela – Venezuela – Nicolas Maduro accuses US of plotting against the international community

Venezuelan regime leader, Nicholas Maduro, The Southern Command chief on Thursday charged United States, Admiral Craig Fowler, and director Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, for its acronym in English), William J. Burns wants to link his country’s “harmful secret plan” together.

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There, in Colombia, the commander of the Southern Command, Craig Fowler, they tell me, recently, the director of the CIA was in Colombia, they are traveling on some covert plan to harm VenezuelaMaduro said in a government action.

He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government.

The Commander of the Southern Command and the CIA leader surrounded Venezuela, in Colombia, Brazil (…) Venezuela warning, welcome as heroes, warn the whole country, we must always be ready, ready and (to) forcefully respond to any aggression planHe added.

The Southern Commander arrived in Colombia on June 20 Colombian military forces On Twitter, he said, “To strengthen multilateral work within the framework of international cooperation.”

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On the 21st, on the same social network, the Armed Forces, along with Colombian Minister of Strategy and Planning Defense Jiro Garcia, teamed up with Guerrero Garcia, the municipality of Puerto Carano on the border with Venezuela, to “check combat capabilities”. Against transnational threats In the framework of bilingual cooperation “.

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Badrino called Faller’s visit a “provocation” and an “interruption.”

Undoubtedly, this visit was not for the sake of bilateral cooperation in defense and security matters with the neighbor, but rather as another act of interference and provocation in one part of the North American Empire, whose activities have always had a dark backgroundBadrino pointed out at the time.

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