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Video: Trump calls the leaders of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala "dictators"

Video: Trump calls the leaders of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala “dictators”

In a Fox News interview, the former president pointed out that despite having good relations with the leaders of the three countries during his tenure, “business is business” and that he should cut off economic aid from the United States. May begin to receive hundreds of exiles during his reign.

Former US President Donald Trump called the presidents of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala “smart dictators” on Wednesday.

Trump spoke with political commentator Sean Hannitty to discuss how he suppressed the rulers of the three northern triangular countries after cutting off US economic aid during his tenure.

The president, who left the White House last January after the arrival of President Joe Biden, said El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala had stopped receiving the economic benefits that “their criminals” began to receive. His government.

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“We were on the border, mainly Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The MS and other criminals left, they will not be accepted in the Obama administration. They refused to accept them (…). I said well, do we pay for these countries? Do they accept them?” They will not, “he explained.

“The leaders of the three countries are smart, they’re the smartest street dictators, OK, but they’re the smartest on the street, we like them, they like them, we’m well behaved. But you know, business is business. How much do we have to pay for these countries? Five hundred million dollars, “he added, ordering an immediate halt to aid to these countries.

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“We stopped the payments, we stopped it, and the next day I got a call from all three of them,” he continues at the same time, pointing out that they then started receiving the deported people.

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In March 2019, Trump ordered a reduction in direct aid to the northern triangle, after criticizing the Americans for “doing nothing” and allowing the United States to create expatriate businessmen seeking to reach out.

The piece of interview with Hannity has gone viral on social networks. In it, he criticized President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, amid an increase in border crossings recorded in recent months.