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Millions of immigrants flee to U.S.  Biden begins the strategy of turning citizens into Telemundo

Millions of immigrants flee to U.S. Biden begins the strategy of turning citizens into Telemundo

The Joe Biden-led government announced this Friday that it would encourage an unprecedented number of eligible immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship, according to the Citizenship and Immigration Service.

The Project Presented a few hours before the President presided over the naturalization ceremony With the White House Immigrants from 16 countries, Including Colombia, El Salvador and Panama, coincide with the July 4 festivities.

“You represent how important immigration is to this country,” Biden said during the event.We are an incredibly diverse democracy“.

The initiative responds to one of the first executive orders signed when the president took office in January, in which he called on federal agencies to develop welcoming strategies to promote integration, inclusion and citizenship.

[Estudio determina que legalizar a los indocumentados sería muy favorable para la economía de EE.UU.]

This time Nine million people with permanent residency in the country are eligible for citizenship.

“This country was created with an ideal, we were founded with an idea: All men and all women are equal“Biden confirmed during the naturalization ceremony.” You are coming [a Estados Unidos] With different circumstances, but they all share the value of coming here, ”he told the new citizens.

The U.S. chair in the chair before the start of the naturalization ceremony in New York on July 9, 2014.REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

There will be implementation of this project Integrated with most federal government departments Among other things, raising awareness of the importance of obtaining citizenship, removing “fear causes” and barriers to access to services to become an American, and ensuring equality throughout the process.

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To this end, personal information will be used to communicate with future citizens and public awareness campaigns will be conducted on what to follow in other matters.

Alejandro Myorgas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said in a statement presenting the new strategyNew citizens, empowered with the powers and responsibilities that come with being a U.S. citizen, make our nation better. “

“This strategy will ensure that interested citizens can apply for naturalization A clear and integrated process“, He promised.

The President took the opportunity to recall that his government has opened the path to citizenship for dreamers, young people who were illegally brought to the United States as children by their parents and are now protected by the Adjournment Program for Visitors to Childhood (DACA), as well as agricultural workers.

[Sí, es cierto que los indocumentados pagaron $11,700 millones en impuestos en 2014. Ese mismo año Trump no pagó un sólo dólar]

He also explained that the reasons for the large number of people migrating to the country are being explored. Within this framework, Vice President Kamala Harris visited Guatemala and Mexico in June to discuss economic and humanitarian measures with their leaders to mitigate this flow.

Pitton’s immigration policy Completely opposite to the previous administration.

During his tenure, Donald Trump sought to reduce the number of legal immigrants and to have the number of naturalized citizens, which would end the chance of being a citizen by birth and try to include the question of citizenship in the census.

Further The naturalization experiment was reviewed, An important step in the immigrant’s path to U.S. citizenship, with the intent of making it more difficult. Biden reversed those changes.

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With information from Andhra Y CNN.