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Veljko Paunovic said he was surprised by Tigres’ approach

Veljko Paunovic said he was surprised by Tigres’ approach

Veljko Paunovic came to Tigers Just last Sunday, he joined the club’s pre-season in Mayan Riviera He immediately began working with the team “with urgency” and shared that he was surprised by the approach of the Oriazole board.

Paunovic did not expect to be the new coach of Tigres

The Serbian coach commented in an interview with: Half the time To reach Auriazul’s team after a loss Final closing 2023 Kiss them when directed ChivasIt is the result of his work.

“I never thought about it, I have to be honest. The approach surprised me, I felt recognized by the Tigres board, you never know who is watching you, I was a player and the advice I give to my son is that when I trained I believed that the great coaches were watching me and that sometimes the best thing would be to take me with them to the big teams and this applies to the coach .

One must strive for excellence The step after losing the final to Tigres was a difficult moment, I also went through a very difficult purge and I never thought that this tournament could also have been something remarkable, if it had lasted this far.

Paunovitch He commented that he had reached a painting UANL With a “thirst for non-compliance”, ever since Holy flock He was unable to achieve any title, and now he ended up with a team that had the same goal of winning championships.

“I think that the non-compliance, as a person, as a coach, I feel that I have to adhere to the common goals that have always been at Chivas, and now at Tigres, which is to win titles. And I am aware of that, and I do not promise it, what I promise is work and work leads to that.

What happened to Paunovic after Chivas?

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Velikoafter leaving Guadalajara yet Opening 2023He commented that he used the time to be with his family and grow as a coach, as he loves traveling and meeting coaches who arouse his curiosity about their skills. Work methodology.

“I spend a lot of time with my family, and when I work I get so immersed in the project that sometimes I…The family also suffers from my absence And in that time with the family, it also helps me recover, because I came out of the tournament very shaken after the career, I love to grow and win and sometimes I am very hard on myself when I do not achieve goals, and I was forced to do that. Reflection process And when you understand that you have to keep going, those are the moments when the desire to grow, to learn, awakens, when I travel, when I meet coaches I admire, and look for where we can make the next breakthrough. I.”