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Vanessa Leon defends Danilo Carrera after controversial comment about Ricky Martin

Vanessa Leon defends Danilo Carrera after controversial comment about Ricky Martin

Danilo Carrera It was criticized for Enrique Santos For a comment he made about the singer Ricky Martin. “Danilo Carrera (perhaps unconsciously) feeds stereotypical and negative beliefs,” Santos said. His comment: “Of course (Ricky Martin) follows me, I'm his target” and public admission that he refused to meet him because he doesn't play “in this league” is insulting and fuels hatred. “Danilo, I invite you to the show to explain, brother,” the Cuban-American host said to iHeart Radio in an Instagram post.

So far, neither Danilo Carrera nor Ricky Martin have made statements about this controversy. However, other celebrities commented on the issue on social media. Venezuelan actress and model Vanessa LyonHe is the presenting partner Carlos CalderonHe came out in defense of the Ecuadorian actor.

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Film Magic

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Leon commented on the People en Español Instagram account about this news: “What's wrong with that? It's like they're saying to me: Hello.” Ellen DeGeneres He's divorced, he wants to meet you. “Ellen insists she wants to meet you.” I suspect? Hi, I know she likes women and obviously wants to meet me because she feels attracted to me, but I'm heterosexual and I have no interest in dating someone of the same gender, and I won't accept that. This shows two things about Danilo: he doesn't want to give expectations to Ricky (which shows respect for his time), and he's also clearly heterosexual, and just because he's Ricky won't change that. It shows that fame can't be bought,” he said of the TV serial actor Invincible love And Passion and power.

Vanessa Lyon/Instagram

Danilo said he is a fan of Ricky's music and that the singer follows him on social media. “I've never met him in person, but I've been invited several times to meet him,” she said of Martin. “I never went to meet him, I wasn't interested in him, and I don't play in this league,” he said.

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Danilo Carrera comments about Ricky Martin in the podcast Murphy It created backlash on Instagram. “Danilo, you will never reach the top because you are arrogant and arrogant. You will never reach the level of Ricky Martin. Don't think you will become famous because of your comments. Ricky is a star and you are down.” Star,” criticized one netizen. Another said: “I don't see anything wrong with Danilo's comment.” Another follower said: “Since when does expressing your opinion about something fuel hatred? Or is it necessary to have other people's tastes and preferences? This world is already corrupt! So is it a sin to be heterosexual?”