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Celebrity House 4: Who won the Redemption Challenge?

Celebrity House 4: Who won the Redemption Challenge?

Alfredo Adami He confirmed that he would become the winner and revealed his desire to win 200 thousand dollars From the prize.

This Friday, February 2, The challenge of salvation, where the contestant who wins will have the opportunity to save one of his fellow candidates from the risk of becoming the next evicted. The winner of the second week of the reality show was singer Lupillo Rivera.

Ariadna and La Devasa were discovered spying in the rest of the rooms.

Chamber members Land They confirmed that the candidates, namely Thali, Clovis and Gregorio, would “change their gender” for 24 hours and would behave as such if they were saved from elimination.

The contestants on the ground team confirmed that they will face a strange challenge if they are saved from elimination Credit: X: MomentosDeLCDLF

Alana confirmed that after the confrontation with her classmates over feeling physical attraction with Rodrigo, she only had a friendship with him and went to confront La Pepecheta with whom Rumé allegedly had a love interest.

Alana Litras She confirmed that she is very uncomfortable inside The famous house So she no longer wants to be there and asks to leave, and let's remember that she is not among the candidates for the second week of the reality show. The woman's statements came after an “explosion” caused by her colleagues' comments.

Leslie regrets this and asks to be saved

The controversial participants could not take it any longer and burst into tears again along with their comrades. She now confirmed that she does not want to leave the house, as she misses her boyfriend, Emilio Osorio.

Clovis wants to conquer Genesis

origin Continues to make waves on LCDLF4; He tried not to get involved in the confrontation between Leslie Gallardo and Thale Garcia, but he gave something to talk about by beating the heart of Clovis. During Friday morning, the model tried to get his attention by making his bed.

Alana takes over the kitchen

The MasterChef Kids Mexico winner has managed to convince her colleagues to let her cook. This happened after Lupillo Rivera and Maribelli tried to become the official chefs of the season.

Alfredo Adam wants Thali to change rooms

The Mexican driver approached Thale to ask her to betray her teammates through the changing rooms, but before she could respond, Maribelli jumped in defense of her team: “There is no room for anyone there.”

The driver was nominated in the first week. (Credit: Instagram/telemundo)

Leslie talks about the relationship between Emilio Osorio and Carol Sevilla

Once again, the model sparks controversy by talking about her boyfriend, Emilio Osorio. On this occasion, he talked about the relationship that the actor and singer has with Carol Sevilla.

“In the last year of their relationship, she never paid attention to him because she was always telling him that she had things to do, and that she was busy. Time is what attention is made of, I like when Emilio invites me to shows (…) They finished and came back, but the last time Emilio didn't say More”.

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Leslie Gallardo wants to leave LCDLF4

The OnlyFans model wants to leave the show of her own volition because she misses her boyfriend Emilio Osorio so much, but she doesn't want to pay a fine. According to what she spoke with her companions on the reality show, she will have to pay a certain amount of money if she leaves the project.

The House of Famous 4: Who are this week's nominees?

After two weeks of constant confrontations, their popularity with the audience is at stake, as only their fans will be able to save them from eviction.

The elimination ceremony is scheduled to be held next Monday, February 5. (Instagram: @_lesliegallardo / @thaligarcia)

Five residents of the fourth season of “House of Celebrity” They started February on a tightrope: They were nominated to leave the reality show Telemundo By his comrades. Now, their survival depends on the public, so they must do everything in their power to win votes for them within four days.

Manelik Gonzalez “destroys” Emilio Osorio and Leslie Gallardo after bullying Thale Garcia: “They are nothing” | video

The so-called “reality show queen” defended the Mexican after Niorka's son Marcos' partner became one of her biggest critics on the Telemundo show.

Manelik González “destroys” Emilio Osorio and Leslie Gallardo after bullying Thale García (Photo: Infobae México / Jovani Pérez)

And the fights and alleged bullying they referred to To Leslie Gallardo Do To Thale Garcia in The famous house 4, Telemundobegan to rise to other levels, until one of the committee members, Manelik GonzalezSo I decided to intervene and defend the Mexican actress, even if she was Emilio Osorio “Between the legs.”

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