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Vanessa Guzman and the true story behind her reputation as a bad partner

Vanessa Guzman and the true story behind her reputation as a bad partner

Vanessa Guzman (Photo by Adrian Monroy/Medius Way Media/Getty Images) (Media & Media via Getty Images)

Written by Alejandro Ferregrino. Throughout her career, Vanessa Guzman has been the target of criticism from some of the actors she has shared the forum with, particularly for her behavior behind the cameras, which has led to her being labeled as a difficult companion.

Actors like Cynthia Klitpo and Rene Stickler admitted publicly that they had problems working with Guzman; Although the latter confirmed that over time they were able to talk and clarify all their problems.

Now, in an interview with Annette Coboro for her YouTube channel, the former beauty queen – who represented Mexico at Miss Universe 1995 – has spoken for the first time about those years and explained that part of her behavior was due to the fact that she suffered from anxiety and I still don’t know.

During 2006 and 2008, Vanessa starred alongside Raúl Araiza in the television series “Amor mio”, part of which was filmed in Argentina, where the first symptoms of anxiety began.

“I went through a very important transition in my life, there is a before and after due to the fact that I am going to Argentina (…) I did not know that I was starting to have an anxiety problem.”

“Overnight I started feeling strange and uncomfortable and this started happening to me in Argentina, and that’s where that isolation started. Even though we were a very small group, don’t ask me why I couldn’t stand being on the forum.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people with an anxiety disorder “often have intense, excessive, and persistent fears and anxieties about everyday situations (…) In order to prevent these feelings, you can avoid certain places or situations.”

In the interview, Vanessa insisted on the importance of seeking professional help, because anxiety can turn into a mental illness: “You have to admit it and that’s what they say, it’s not that you’re crazy, but anxiety and panic attacks come from a psychological issue, it’s an emotional thing.”

“When you don’t know, you don’t even know where to act. One day you’re fine and the next day you’re not. These are strong changes and the first thing I did was isolate myself. I loved being in my dressing room. I had a lot of scenes and focused on work,” the actress added. On my own.

After being crowned Nuestra Belleza México in 1995 and representing the country in the Miss Universe competition in 1996, Vanessa Guzman began a very successful career on television, in TV series such as “Camila,” “Tres Mujeres,” “Siempre te amaré,” and “Amigos.” por Siempre”. “.

Later came productions such as “Amor mio” and “Atrévete a Dream”; At the time, criticism from the press and other fellow actors was harsh. Vanessa prefers not to name names or reference anyone, but she remembered they broke a piñata with her picture on a TV show.

He added: “It is very painful to see on a program that they have a piñata with my picture on it, and they beat it, which I deserve.”

After scoring the movie Infames in 2012, he decided to temporarily retire from acting for purely personal reasons.

An unexpected return

A few years later, in 2019, she returned to participate in the TV series “Soltero con hijas”, but her image was completely different: she became a bodybuilding champion, with many medals in national championships.

He has also changed mentally after years of treatment and a completely different lifestyle. Now, Vanessa is only looking forward and trying to leave the problems of the past behind her.

“I lost friendships because I isolated myself, because for some reason I became immersed in my world, in my home, in my life and distanced myself from many people whose friendship, if I considered it very valuable, time would have given me the opportunity to meet again.” With them”.

He concluded: “Yes, I knew how to apologize to those whom I felt that at some point I might have hurt more than others, indeed in a much more personal and private aspect.”

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