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“Value should be well-being as its goal.”

“Value should be well-being as its goal.”

Gutzon Sagarduy, Minister of Health of the Basque Government, who participated in the session of conferences of the Spanish Association of Health Directors (SEDISA) and the SEDISA Foundation held in Madrid, stressed that “value must be well-being as an objective”.

A cycle of conferences under the title Quality, innovation and efficiency in health. add value،, in which health advisors from all autonomous communities are involved and sponsored on this occasion by Idorsia and Johnson & Johnson.

According to Gotzone Sagardui, they share the definition of value, which should aim at the provision of welfare, of the profession of public service. Similarly, the Minister of Health of the Basque Government revealed the four most important elements of progress in improving health care in the Basque Country

Increasing Quality of Care: “Having a value strategy, the drive for digital transformation, having a research strategy and waiting list improvement plan.”

in this meaning, Jose Soto Bonell, President SidesaAnd the make it clear “Within the commitment of health managers to the system, professionals and the community, there is no other way of working than health management, than adding value, in terms of quality and efficiency.”

Member of the Basque Country Council at the SEDISA meeting.


Vitality arrived Jesus Sanz Filorigo, Vice President of the SEDISA FoundationThe aim of the counselors course is to “Within the framework of the transformation that the health system needs towards quality and efficiency, it is about creating a meeting point to analyze the challenges of the system, to identify the initiatives of the independent communities, in terms of quality and efficiency and to highlight the role of health and health department managers.”

Regarding the value strategy, the Basque Minister of Health stressed the need to assess the health outcomes of care programs and implement the measures required to add value, Observing the goals of humanization, health care safety, and social and health integrationintegrated, person-centered assistance and through scientific evidence-based decisions.”

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For this, at present, all health organizations in Usakiditza Measurement of health outcomes and . are to some extent incorporated From the value strategy and the actions that are implemented to it around the evidence of good practice and evidence-based practice, information and training, better work organization, satisfaction surveys in specific areas, etc.

But there are, in addition, elements that indicate the implementation of the value strategy and that it is necessary to take them into account, “such as participation at the macro, meso as well as at the micro level, the participation of all agents, the interaction with patients, the participation in addition to measurement, the design of measurement systems and management, Adapting information management tools and creating new ones,” explained Gotzone Sagarduiand under the assumptions of improving health, equity, and global outcomes.

Value strategy is facilitated by other elements, such as digital transformation, search strategy, and queue improvement plan. “The main thing in digital transformation is to implement it with the aim of improving the relationship with the patient and helping in the professionalization of clinical practice,” It states.


“Furthermore, there are four goals for advancement: relationship with the public, improvement of the patient experience in terms of care processes, technology support for professionals in terms of training and assistance in their professional performance, and communication. Established in Usakiditza,” says Sagardoy.

The Basque Country has just launched its Research Strategy 2022-2025, which sets out firm and enduring procedures for research and a unified commitment, that the Autonomous Community does not start from scratch.

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“There is already substantial work through the network of research institutes in the Basque Country and the 1,800 research projects that I have been involved in last year, both nationally and internationally,” The Minister of Health stands out in the Basque Government.


“The strategy assumes greater economic and human capital investment in research and reinforces the need for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to research directed towards covering health needs and with greater coordination among research institutes, the healthcare network and companies.”

Finally, the Basque Minister of Health explained the measures that have been put in place to improve waiting lists, which have led to a reduction in delay days and the surgical list, through the Waiting Lists Improvement Plan.

In the opinion of Gotzone Sagardui “TIts objectives are to ensure equal access to the health system, individual assessment by each health organization and the adequacy of the indicator.”

Within this framework, some measures have been adopted, such as organizing waiting lists by specialization, reviewing the offer, qualitative review of reasons for referral, developing high-fidelity consultations, and marking for prioritization. .