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VII Reunión Medicina Deporte

Almería inaugurates the seventh edition of the encounter of medicine and sports at the Apolo . Theatre

Almería inaugurates the seventh edition of the encounter of medicine and sports at the Apolo . Theatre

The Apollo Theater raised the curtain to celebrate the seventh edition of the Medicine and Sports Meeting, a truly unifying event that has become an international standard for medicine applied to sports thanks to an extensive program highlighting the contributions of medical professionals and physicians. Relevant athletes in our country.

The inauguration was attended by Ana Martinez Labella, Second Vice Mayor and Urban Planning Adviser to Almeria City Council. José Antonio García Alqueña, Deputy Sports and Youth Delegate to the Provincial Council; Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, Regional Delegate for Health and Families at the Andalusian Military Council; Manuel Vida, Director of the University Hospital of Torrecardinas in Almería; José Macegosa, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Torrecárdenas HU and finally Antonio Hueti, Meeting Coordinator and Neurosurgeon.

Sports and medicine are the perfect combination, and in this way Ana Martinez-Labella quotes that from the city council “we are convinced that Almeria is a sports city and with it the optimum benefits for people’s health are achieved”. For this reason, he noted that work is being done through the Municipal Sports Council (PMD) so that “boys and girls begin to play sports through municipal sports schools, and as evidence of this, 8000 Almarians are mobilized every year to enjoy municipal sports.”

In this way, the second deputy mayor noted that “from the city council, through PMD, we insist on being that vehicle that allows us to promote sports activities that should accompany residents for the rest of their lives because we believe that sport is the best medicine for the body.”

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Similarly, the Regional Delegate for Health and Consumption of the Andalusian Military Council, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, congratulated the Neurosurgery and Sports Task Force of the Spanish Society of Neurosurgery, “the organizers of the event which, during these seven years, brought together experts in the sports field, distinguished medical professionals, athletes with connection, Olympic medalists, etc., who undoubtedly strengthened Almería as the Spanish capital of scientific research in the field of sports related to neurosurgery.”

Belmonte considered that “physical exercise and health are inseparable not only as a preventive factor for diseases, but for their great contribution to the recovery of this disease after illness.” “Moreover, exercise is one of the best allies for mental health, and ultimately, there are many health benefits of physical activity: better emotional well-being, less stress, and reduced fatigue, among many others.” The Health and Consumer Affairs delegate reiterated his thanks to all the people who made this medical and sporting event possible.

The Vice President for Sports and Youth, José Antonio Garcia, also congratulated Dr. Antonio Huetti for organizing this meeting and expressed his gratitude for holding it in Almería: “This province stands out because we export health to Europe through our fruits and vegetables presented today at the International Fruit Attraction, but it also does so in Sports field It is the ideal place to practice sports 365 days a year, in the sea, the mountains or the two natural spaces and the natural park of the province of Almeria.From Diputación we will continue to work to attract the best sports events at the national level such as La Vuelta and at the international level such as Titan Desert, with a view to Promote the duality of sports tourism, with health being the central focus.

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The importance of healthy habits

The coordinator of the 7th Meeting of Medicine and Sports, as well as neurosurgeon, Antonio Huetti, explained that “to see all the institutions holding hands in an event of this caliber already indicates the importance of the meeting to talk about health and physical exercise in a city like Almería, which has a very important role.” In addition, he stressed that these encounters “should not remain in the four walls, they should go out into the street, and the inhabitants of Almeria should do physical exercises that are beneficial to health.”

Likewise, Hawiti has assessed that “out of every 10 people who go to the University of Torrecardinas Hospital today because they have cancer, 4 will avoid them with physical exercise and a healthy life.” While, “Out of every three of our seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, one will be prevented from following these healthy lifestyle habits.” For this reason, it encourages “walking, which is one of the oldest sports because of its wonderful walks, accompanied by a Mediterranean diet and the social character and openness of the people of Almería”.

Manuel Vida Gutierrez, Director of Torricardenas University Hospital, thanked Antonio Huetti, “the meeting coordinator and one of the hospital’s beloved doctors, for his humanitarian work and his humanitarian situation.” Thus, the director noted that there are more than 4,600 specialists in the hospital complex, “I am very fortunate to be able to help develop all their capabilities, and since 2019, our hospital has undergone a profound transformation.”

José Macegosa, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University Hospital of Torrecardinas, thanked “the authorities for their assistance, collaborating companies, speakers and members of the public to make the meeting a success” and noted that “what started in 2016 as a meeting was strengthened by the working group of the Spanish Society of Neurosurgery (SENEC) Over the years through the work and enthusiasm of its coordinator, Dr. Antonio Huetti, leading figures from the world of sports and medicine tell us about your experiences.”

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This edition deals with conversations such as “Science and Sports”. Road to the Stars, “A New Vision of Sports Neurosurgery”, “Yes you can. Fight xenophobia in sports. Importance of nutrition, microbiology and immunology in sports” or “Culture, cinema and sports”, among others. In this context, Masegusa noted He concluded that citizens deserve “the best attention in all areas and access to knowledge, which will make it a better society, which is what we want for the order.”