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Using artificial intelligence, Chivas presents its Apertura 2024 calendar

Using artificial intelligence, Chivas presents its Apertura 2024 calendar

the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara They have officially presented their match schedule for the upcoming tournament Mexican LeagueOK Opening 2024But they did so in a somewhat unconventional way, by using… artificial intelligence.

he Holy flock In a complicated situation, as he is now three titles away from the hated rival, Fernando Hierro Leave Sports Management and Veljko Paunovic Just signed as tigers manager, Therefore, the club has an important task, which is to reconcile with its fans.

Chivas presents its official calendar for Apertura 2024

She presented Guadalajara through her social networks Official calendar for him Next tournament Through the use of artificial intelligence, it samples animated versions of Mexican clubs.

This includes from the first game of Flock at home, at Akron Stadiumin view of Tolucauntil the last match in Date 17Reverse Atletico San Luis.

As usually happens with created images By Amnesty Internationalthe Mexican team, represented by a goat, appears in different animation styles in front of it 17 clubs remaining in the leaguehighlighting highly realistic designs such as the one against the Xolos, the one against Mazatlán, the one represented by the squid, and the one against American Eaglesin a holographic style, and both use their organization’s colors.

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