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US Special Envoy Ricardo Zika met with the Legislative Committee

US Special Envoy Ricardo Zika met with the Legislative Committee

Ghanaian Vice President Numan Salkado, who is part of the board, expressed concern that JICA was really interested in the events of May 1, when the legislature fired judges and lawyers.

The second visit of the Special Envoy to the Northern Triangle from the Government of US President Joe Biden included a private meeting with representatives of the Board of Directors of the Legislature.

The meeting paused for a moment to begin the full session scheduled for ten o’clock this morning by Ernesto Castro, chairman of the Legislative Branch. Many delegates from the Arena bench were unable to enter the blue room.

According to Johnny Wright, deputy of the Nuestro Timepo party, the delay in the full session was due to the fact that representatives of the board of directors met with US Special Envoy Ricardo Zika.

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“Currently the full session is closed and the entry of delegates is not allowed. The reason for this closure is that the board of directors is currently meeting with Foreign Office representative Ricardo Ziga at the Constituent Assembly.

As he said, this is the second visit of the US envoy, now in a very different context from the first, the events of May 1 and the “institutional breakdown and the limbo that our legal destiny finds itself, has already taken place. I think this is a very important situation. “

FMLN deputy Annabelle Beloso argued that JICA’s second visit took place after the events of May 1, “a coup d’tat to the majority judicial branch of the legislature, which immediately unleashes another crisis.”

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“Consequences are coming. We do not want that to happen, but they are obvious situations, they may be caused by a violation of the basic principles that all democracies must respect. It is not fulfilled. Who can be affected? Said Bellows.

For his part, Ghanaian Vice President Numan Salcado, who is part of the board, revealed that Zika really showed interest in the May 1 events, in which the legislature dismissed five judges and the attorney general from the constitution chamber; However, he stressed that this is not an important issue but on a general level.

“They see everything that is happening in our country. They asked us for an opinion on the process being carried out by the legislature. We gave them our vision,” Salcado explained.

When asked by reporters if Zika had asked them about the full session of the installation and the international condemnation of the sacked, Salcado limited himself: “What is being said internationally is pure speculation.”

Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya was also approached on the matter and warned former US ambassador Marie Carmen Abonte about the possible consequences of El Salvador for the degeneration of democracy and institutional violations.

Abbott spoke to officials about the suspension of visas, the suspension of DPS, the ban on sending money, and the banning of Salvadorans from entering the United States.

Former ambassador Abonte warned of this on Monday after the legislature fired the constitution chamber and the attorney general, with the approval of President Naib Bukhale.

“Unfortunately, what we are already hearing in Washington and the country is that there may be continued consequences, and it will not be pleasant for the United States or El Salvador,” Freon said in a Freunde interview.

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In this regard, he highlights some of the possible consequences. “For example, the suspension of visas for officers, the suspension of DPS, which is a rumor I have heard over the last few days, I do not know if the Biden administration wants it, but of course there are those rumors, they are talking about it in Congress,” he noted.

“I understand that she is a former ambassador, she is not a current official, and I still address her with the utmost respect, but I hope that friends are not trying to harm themselves. They say they are good friends and I hope everything they do is aimed at supporting us, ”Zelaya said.