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The crew of the flying fox continues to operate on the boat

The crew of the flying fox continues to operate on the boat

Congratulations to the cameras that filmed his presence this Saturday as part of the luxury boat crew. Flying foxIt is anchored in the harbor Santo Domingo.

The crew, always wearing white T-shirts and gray Bermuda type pants, put some kind of adhesive tape in some places on the boat attached to the Russian oligarchy.

In addition, the crew sits on the stairs at the side of the boat, checking their cell phones, and moving from one place to another on the luxury boat. Is said to belong to the boat Entrepreneur Russian Dmitry KamenshikThe owner of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, according to Forbes.

Employees of the Directorate General of Customs (DGA) boarded the boat yesterday. Went inside the boat and inspected for about half an hour. There is no information yet about the topics discussed in the conversations with passengers or staff at that location.

The Dominican Port Authority said Flying fox Come Santo Domingo Food, refueling and boat cleaning with a stay plan from La Romana from March 21 to 25.

But after an investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (HSI or Homeland Security Investigations) it did not sail as planned, and its agents arrived on the boat yesterday.

Imperial Yachts rents the boat for $ 3.5 million a week and can carry up to 25 passengers, according to the company’s website. Born was built by the German shipyard Lursen.

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