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Migration Colombia: "Irregular migration of various nationalities, including Colombians, has increased in the United States."  |  Today's news

Migration Colombia: “Irregular migration of various nationalities, including Colombians, has increased in the United States.” | Today’s news

Migración Colombia confirms that after a recent visit to the United States, irregular migration along the border between Mexico and the United States has increased.

Photo: Jobeth Terriques

In the statement issued Colombian immigrationIn March, the company received nearly 600 Colombian citizens of legal age, returning from the United States, on six flights funded by U.S. authorities. The Colombian Immigration Agency insists, “The actions taken by the United States and other countries are autonomous and sovereign decisions. Colombia We respect that. “

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It is known that the deportation process is carried out “in an integrated manner” through a permanent link between homeland security. United States And Migration Colombia, the report reads. “There is a monthly, so-called deportation flight, which carries an average of about 90 people. Recently, however, when we visited North America about 15 days ago, there was an increase in the irregular migration of various nationalities, including Colombians, along the border between Mexico and the United States. In line with those ideas, US authorities have decided to use its autonomy and sovereignty to maintain regulated migration, protect the integrity of immigrants, and use the scale of repatriation of illegal immigrants to their home country. In the midst of the current epidemic, the title of its law is supported by 42.

On March 20, 2020, at the beginning Covit-19 International DistributionThe then President Donald Trump From that moment on, the United States announced that it would expel immigrants and asylum seekers across its border and repatriate them to their home countries. These deportations will be carried out under section 265 of Chapter 42 of the US Health Act. Despite the change of administration, the new president, Joe BidenThis immigration operation continued to be exploited and more than 1 million people were expelled from the country.

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Finally, Migración Colombia calls: “Do not expose your life to this kind of journey. We will continue to work with all immigration officials in the region to maintain an orderly and secure relocation that allows people to be protected.

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