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Five helpless girls were found on the southern border, one of whom was 11 months old Univision Immigration News

For Unsupported women, Including an 11-month-old baby, was discovered by agents Office of Customs and Border Security (CBP) In a part of the Rio Grande Valley, in Texas, By the federal agency this Monday a Release.

The discovery comes after CBP agents assigned to the Eagle Pass station in Texas this Sunday received a warning from residents of the area that they had seen five of the five minors in the Normandia area, near Rio Grande.

About Three Hondurans ages 7, 3 and 2; And two 5-year-old Guatemalans and their 11-month-old sister.

A family living near the river saw them crying. They are shocked when someone drops girls like this this way.

“I was on a farm near the river when I saw five girls crying alone. I asked my workers to give them water and food when the officers came,” a neighbor from the department told Notice.

Agents upon arrival at the scene Border Patrol They found the five girls and confirmed that they were helpless miners crossing the border.

Agents were able to identify minors because they had written down the phone numbers of their relatives; Even the 11-year-old wrote it on a marker on his diaper.

“It’s heartbreaking to find children who can defend themselves in the middle of nowhere,” said Austin Scro II, head of the Del Rio department. “Unfortunately, this often happens now,” he said.

In at least three cases, CBP cameras endangered human lives by human traffickers throwing children off a wall or leaving them alone in the wild, as the CBP has highlighted.

“If it were not for our community and the law enforcement officers associated with it, these women could have experienced temperatures above 100 degrees without assistance,” Sciro II said.

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Women No need for medical help They were taken to the Wolde Station for processing with the intention of being taken into custody by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Consulate General of Guatemala provides assistance

The Guatemalan government announced on Monday that it would help two Guatemalan and three Honduran girls, according to a statement from the US State Department.

The girls “were abandoned ‘Coyotes’ Rescued by U.S. border patrol (…) agents off the coast of Rio Grande and near Eagle Pass, “in the state of Texas (south), the report said.

As for the Guatemalan girls, he explained that they were sisters Valeria Yamilet and Ashley Mariana Sanchez Choto, who were 11 months and five years old, respectively. The latter was taken to a hospital for fever, but it was “stable”.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Vicky Castillo, quoted by AFP, said “the Guatemalan embassies in Del Rio and McAllen, Texas, are coordinating all diplomatic support and protection of minors, completing their respective documents and giving their full support.”

As of last Friday, according to government data, HHS had only 21,563 undocumented children in its custody at the border, while 631 were in CBP facilities.