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US resumes talks with Venezuela weeks before election: “Democratic transition not easy”

US resumes talks with Venezuela weeks before election: “Democratic transition not easy”

America resumes dialogue with Venezuela less than a month before elections: “We know that democratic transition is not easy” (EFE)

America And Venezuela This was confirmed on Wednesday, three weeks before the presidential election in the Caribbean country, after several months have passed. They resumed the conversation with the intention of “Improve Bilateral Relations”.

From Washington, Brian Nichols, the State Department’s head of Latin America and one of the main negotiators between the Nicolas Maduro regime and the opposition, said, “We We are always open to dialogueWhite House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said, “We’ve said that many times.” “We welcome” this event. “in good faith”.

The purpose of this space, added by the Joe Biden administration, is to search again Guaranteed By Chavismo that the presidential election will be held on July 28 Fair and competitive.

“We know that democratic change is not easy and requires serious commitment”Jean-Pierre continued, highlighting the importance of this Wednesday’s action, and asserting that “we are committed to supporting the will of the Venezuelan people and the path towards our democratic regime through competitive and inclusive elections.”

The US said it was always open to dialogue and welcomed the event “in good faith” (EFE).

The Venezuelan side was led by the chief negotiator of the Miraflores Palace. Jorge Rodriguez, who also informed about the virtual meeting that took place in the last few hours. He wrote that it was sent in a message posted on his X account “Willingness of both governments to work together to gain trust and improve relations” And “Maintaining communication in a respectful and constructive manner”.

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“We must continue to restore mutual trust and relations between governments Respect the principles of self-determination, sovereignty and reciprocity” And “we always respond truthfully,” he added.

With these last phrases, Chavista took the opportunity to attack recent condemnations of the United States for the persecution of politicians and dissidents, which Caracas considers wrong and an interference with its sovereignty.

“We express our rejection Misinterpretations “North American government spokespeople have made several announcements about this conversation,” he noted.

Rodriguez noted the US government’s “misrepresentations” about the actions of the regime it is part of (EFE)

On the other hand, the Speaker of Parliament also opined that White House officials held secret meetings with his delegation in Qatar at the end of 2023, which led to the signing. Barbados Treaty And, with that, The Prisoner exchange And this Temporary suspension of certain sanctions About Venezuela.

That is why, despite his side’s failure to comply following the signing of the document, he demanded that “dialogue be limited to what was agreed in Qatar.” Approval of the disqualification of Maria Corina MachadoThe Many politicians are barred from presenting their candidaciesThe Harassment against dissidentsattempts Sabotage of the Democratic United Platform campaign And this Refusal to release political prisonersamong others.

Relations between the United States and Venezuela have been practically zero, and in 2019, the White House ignored Nicolas Maduro’s victory in elections rife with reports of fraud. As a result, Washington imposed economic sanctions, which it maintains to this day, but this did not prevent Chavismo’s activities from being limited.

Maduro decided to resume talks three weeks before the election, so it remains to be seen what his true intentions are (AP).

Within the framework of the Barbados Agreement, the US agreed to reduce some of these measures – particularly some oil – as a sign of confidence in the signatories, however, they have recovered as Maduro has failed to keep his word and rejected repeated warnings.

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Now, three weeks before the election and after “thinking about it for two months”, the Savista leader is ready to hold new talks, although it remains to be seen what his real intentions are.

(With information from AFP, EFE and Europa Press)