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US Embassy Alert for Visa Renewals

US Embassy Alert for Visa Renewals

Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the visa process for visiting the United States has become one of the most headache-inducing processes for Colombians. But with the removal of various health measures in Colombia and the North American country, the embassy has tried to issue announcements to help travelers ease this request.

For this reason, the last major announcement from the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, through its official networks, was to warn Colombians that they should renew their U.S. visas as soon as possible.

The recommendation for all Colombians with B1 and B2 visas is to start the renewal process at least two years before the visa’s expiration date. This is a result of the long delay in recent months to seek renewal appointment.

“You don’t have to wait until your visa expires to renew it. We recommend doing it early and starting the process two years before the expiration date.This is written in a statement from the US Embassy in Colombia.

It was also clarified that although Colombians are recommended to start the renewal process two years before the document expires, this does not mean that the visa cannot continue to be used. In other words, Colombians can continue to travel to the North American country while going through the renewal process.

The embassy’s recommendation was given precisely because in recent years many Colombians began the process of renewing their visas when they expired, but the organization gave them a two-year appointment.

These are the most common myths when applying for a visa to the US:

It is necessary to carry a visa to legally enter that country, because North American authorities require it as an entry requirement in some way, allowing them to exercise some control over those entering their country.

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Therefore, it is necessary to clarify some of the reasons why certain types of statements have been circulating among citizens for some time and why many people refuse to request it, acting out of fear. Some of the myths surrounding the visa application are:

Issuance of invitation letter guarantees issuance of visa

Having a letter doesn’t really guarantee it will be approved because it’s uncertain whether the consular officer will request or review it, so it’s easy, but it may or may not be requested when you need it. Visa not approved.

Not knowing English is very difficult

It’s a lie, Because even those who know the language may be rejected if the interviewing officer considers the applicants; In addition, it should be said that the acceptance or rejection of the request may depend on the answers given by the requester, because based on that, the agent will decide.

Interviewing is very complicated.

On this page, the embassy’s official website recommends that the applicant “describe their travel plans clearly and coherently, and provide accurate answers when filling out the form and answering questions during the interview.”

Because “providing inconsistent, inaccurate or untrue answers, This makes it more difficult for the consular officer to determine whether the proposed trip is of a temporary nature or whether the visa applicant is eligible for the visa.”.

It can be combined

At the embassy they clarify, “Third parties are not allowed to enter visa interviews. This rule applies to US citizens and/or residents. Only the visa applicant is allowed to enter, unless he is a minor.

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Only in those cases, “minors may be accompanied by one of their parents or legal custodians. In some cases, the embassy will allow people with disabilities or other special needs during the interview.