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US Citizenship: New benefit if you request this procedure in June 2024 |  America

US Citizenship: New benefit if you request this procedure in June 2024 | America

Applicants’ new benefit American citizenship N-400, relating to application for naturalization.

He Citizenship and Immigration Service From America (USCIS) highlights several advantages of having a green card And this American citizenship. Also, since Last April 1Gives citizens the opportunity to submit Form N-400, Naturalization Application, without visiting offices. This initiative technical It allows applicants to carry out various procedures from their homes.

Available services include a request Social security no (SSN), receiving a Social Security Card Original or replacement and before renewing your immigration status Social Security Office.

This new system is designed to simplify the process for non-citizens normalize, Who can now add a request S.S.N Or an alternate card in your presentation Form N-400. It should be noted that this option simplifies the process Social Security Office In some cases additional information may be required.

Uscis virtual advantage

To benefit from this online system, candidates need to create an account on the portal Uzis. This free and secure platform provides a convenient way to submit forms, make payments and track the status of immigration applications. In addition, it allows interaction with users Uzis Respond virtually via secure inbox and resource requests.

However, it should be noted that not all applicants will be able to access this benefit. Users of the September 17, 2019 version Form N-400 They cannot do their procedures online because the questions required by the Social Security office are only in the April 1, 2024 edition.

This change is a significant step towards modernizing immigration services AmericaProvides greater accessibility and efficiency in the naturalization process.

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tendency to Uzis It not only seeks to streamline procedures but also reduces the need for in-person visits, which is particularly useful in the context of pandemics and in situations where applicants face difficulties in travelling.

For more information, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Services website Click this link.