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universal charger |  Apple begins to bend the law: the iPhone 15 changes its charger

universal charger | Apple begins to bend the law: the iPhone 15 changes its charger

On October 4, 2022, the European Parliament approved the imposition of a law universal charger in all countries European Union (European Union)With the aim of generating less waste and users not having to collect too many cables at home.

he model He was chosen as the only shipper he is USB Type Cwhich is what most “smartphones” already use, except for the case iPhone to manzana. Therefore, the company was among the most prominent critics of this measure, as it was the most affected by it.

However, before this law there are no potential tricks, and Apple had no choice but to give in and submit to it, even though the European Union gave a deadline until the fall of 2024.

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Most Apple products (equipment and accessories) come with a Lightning port. But, as the company has already announced when the law was approved, the new iPhones that went on sale will actually include the new charger and not its own, as was already the case with Some iPad and Mac modelswhich they already had USB C. And so it was: the next day 12, Apple introduces the new iPhone, 15, and one of the novelties it includes regarding the iPhone 14 is precisely that: it has a USB-C charger.

In addition, some analysts then argued that Apple would work on an adapter that could be used with accessories that still had a “Lightning” port, since the There will be a few years when both ports will coexist On the technology company’s products with the supply of accessories increased with the new outlet.

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