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Four iPhone features that use artificial intelligence

Four iPhone features that use artificial intelligence

The voice assistant, Siri, the camera, and some photography apps also use machine learning technology.

Although unlike other companies that have used resources to generate their own generative AI, as in the case of Google (cold), Open AI (ChatGPT), and others, manzana It uses this technology, but in a different way.

While the rest tend to open a chat window in which content can be generated on demand, manzana application Amnesty International To enhance the capabilities of functions such as your virtual assistant, Siri, as well as other functions such as the phone’s camera, face idand more.

despite of Siri By itself it is not an artificial intelligence virtual assistant as if it is”ChatGPT who speaks”, supports his functions in the system machine learning Which allows you to access the information the user needs in case of questions or requests to control the applications that are installed on the device cell phone.

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This way the processor manzana Knows how to access precise commands within programs such as photos, camera, calendar, etc. without having to resort to an existing system cloudswhich may lead to possible failure protection sometimes.

Siri Apple. (Image: Today at Apple)

since launch iPhone XCamera true depth A user facial recognition system was used to analyze people’s biometric data. For this, System Project points Infrared Invisible so that it can match the special physical properties that allow identification of the user and enable access to some functions.

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Through its machine learning system, Biometric data which is only stored in cell phone (Not in the cloud or on servers manzana) secure and protected against any possible infringement that could compromise Information from the user.

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In the case of the photo application iPhone And it is also available for devices mac And iPad OSthis is used artificial intelligence Recognizes faces that appear in photos regardless of whether they are viewed at different angles. In addition, AI also makes it possible to organize content, be it photos or videos.

On the other hand, users will be able to use a function machine learning Allows certain photos to be associated with people, places, events, and more, in custom groups called Memories.

iPhone uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to take the best photos with its camera. (broken here)

Mobile camera app manzana It also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning when taking photos to get the best possible result.

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For this, users who have iPhone 11 From now on, they can use the “Deep Fusion” function, which allows multiple images to be taken of up to nine images that will be evaluated later to show which image has the best characteristics in terms of color and accuracy.

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Over time, systems artificial intelligence And machine learning of devices will improve evaluation results.

portrait mode iPhone He also uses these systems to recognize people’s bodies and faces, while devoting himself to blurring elements in the background of an image. Photography. In this way the image quality will be superior compared to other element based devices