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United is revolutionizing boarding with window or aisle groups

United is revolutionizing boarding with window or aisle groups

Increase the groups to 7 to save time

t| Miami | October 15, 2023

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United is revolutionizing boarding with window or aisle groups

United has changed its boarding process to save time for the fall season, a measure it will implement starting October 26. The airline has decided to add a seventh boarding group and will distribute passengers in economy class into four different groups based on whether they are booked in the window seat, in the middle or in the aisle.

United also indicated that they will not have changes in the pre-boarding phase or in groups one through three, but that the fourth group, which is the middle and aisle seats, will be divided into two groups for boarding, one and the fourth group will have passengers in the middle seat, and the fifth group will create seating. Corridor only, the company told airport staff, Travel Pulse reported.

In markets where United offers a basic economy fare without a carry-on option, you will be part of a new sixth class.

For economy class passengers who have more than one ticket in their booking, they may be in the preferential boarding group. Likewise, the process called WILMA was tested in several airports where they realized it saved two minutes during boarding, according to Mensjornual.

As mentioned reportor.usUnited recently equipped more than 100 planes with Bluetooth technology in its fleet. United Airlines announced at the time that passengers would be able to use wireless headphones on their planes by following just three steps. (United is incorporating Bluetooth headphones and ditching wired ones.)

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The airline tested the new technology with Apple’s Air Pods Pro headphones to offer other innovative features on board such as Adaptive Audio, through which noises such as the sounds of aircraft engines fade away.