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UN Security Council calls for immediate end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

UN Security Council calls for immediate end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

New York, USA

China regretted US “bans” UN Security Council report To emphasize stopping Hostility between Palestinians and Israelis.

“The Security Council should take action,” he said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi During an emergency session almost conducted by the agency.

It was pointed out by Wang China has been with Norway and Tunisia for a week in the draft announcement To alleviate the bloody conflict, but “because of the disruption of that country (America), the church could not speak with one voice.” The foreign minister urged the United States to “accept its responsibilities” at the UN.

This Sunday’s meeting is the third and first public since Monday Efforts by China, Norway and Tunisia.

In the first two sessions, which took place on Monday and Wednesday, the UN called for an end to the conflict. The United States was the only country opposed to advocating for peaceful coexistence between the two states on the basis of the resolutions.

Security Council It is the only company that has not taken an official position on the conflict. Negotiations over an announcement continue this Sunday, and the United States is reluctant to support it. AFP News Agency, Ambassadors who asked not to be identified.

Washington has so far chosen to allow time for diplomatic efforts to reach a ceasefire, and a council report is considered “counterproductive”. This condition is not shared by the majority of the body; Especially by America’s traditional allies.

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