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Ronda Lee Walker, a former border agent, pleads guilty to illegally bringing in a Mexican woman as a babysitter | Univision Immigration News

A former agent in Texas from office US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Documents released in federal court say a Mexican woman has pleaded guilty to helping her enter the country illegally to work as a nanny.

Rhonda Lee Walker, 40, of Laredo, Texas, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to bring the woman back into the country in a petition agreement signed Friday in federal district court in Laredo.

Walker was the agent of the Bureau (CBP for its acronym in English) on January 2nd Used another agent’s computer Enter information that will help the woman enter the United States through the port of Laredo, lawyer Jennifer Lower said in a statement.

Detective Francisco Conte, from the Office of Professional Responsibility Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Walker testified that Mexican traveler Yesenia Trevino devised a plan for San Miguel Passed without recognition by.

Former Officer Taken that day Boundary Bridge from the middle of America’s Bridge 1 to Trevino San Miguel In the pedestrian queue. The agent had scheduled an appointment to review his employee’s tourist visa. To avoid suspicion, he used another officer’s computer access code. And approved a temporary permit to enter the country, determined the investigation.

Federal prosecutors said they would dismiss the charges for bringing the woman to the United States and lying to investigators in exchange for a criminal petition.

“Walker wanted the woman to enter the country illegally and work as a housekeeper and nanny for him,” Lower said.

“Walker lied to the authorities. He falsely claimed that Trevino was his aunt and denied that he had executed the entry or worked in his house, “he added.

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On June 4, 2020, when the DHS received an anonymous tip, Walker said an undocumented woman was working at her home in Laredo. From that month until February 4, federal agents monitored his home and the Mexican aya.

During the investigation, they found that officer Walker He sent money to the daughter of Trevino San Miguel, He resides in Mexico on January 20, 2020.

On February 12, when Trevino San Miguel tried to re-enter the country, he was detained by customs agents. He later admitted to being Walker’s domestic worker and facilitating his entry into the United States in January.

The agent faces up to 10 years in prison. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Aug. 9.