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UASLP and Cinvestav from IPN, with close collaboration in the fields of exact sciences

The idea currently is that in the field of education, the people who stand in front of a group that teaches the new generations have interdisciplinary knowledge, with updated methodologies, because after the pandemic everything has changed obviously. However, unfortunately, the basic levels are still taught in the traditional way.

This came in an interview with Dr. Alberto Sánchez Hernández, Director General of the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (CENVISTAV) at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), who agreed with the remarks made by Dr. Alejandro Javier Zirminio Guerra, Rector of the University. From the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (UASLP), on new interdisciplinary requirements for the delivery of education to students that are relevant to reality.

During his visit to the Institute of Physics of the UASLP to participate in a symposium and give a lecture “Properties of B hadrons and the search for new particles in the collision of protons and protons”, as well as the third activity report to the rector. UASLP, Dr. Sánchez Hernández discussed the close cooperation between Cinvestav and the UASLP, which has been maintained for many years, mainly in the fields of exact sciences.

He noted that this collaboration allowed eight out of nine researchers from the Department of Physics to graduate from Cinvestav, and there are also fully trained UASLP doctors, teachers and alumni who are researchers at Cinvestav.

And he considered that what is being tried in the end is the impact on the exact sciences and social sciences that focus on education, such as adopting basic level study plans from the basic level to the higher level.

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Finally, he noted that despite the fact that current resources are very limited, the UASLP office has invested in better facilities, spaces, and activities that lead to better education.