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UASD usa tecnología médica de vanguardia

UASD uses the latest medical technology

The Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) has a simulation center, which will modernize the medical avant-garde nationally and bring surgical and practical techniques to prior experience before contacting patients.

The directors of this department are Physicians Franklin Gomez Rivas and Rudy Ingracia and are under the mandate of the Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Dr. Mario Offer, although he was born under the management of Emma Polanco and Russell Fernandez.

This has a broad spectrum divided between low, medium and high-resolution devices, and is responsible for measuring the technology and materials used to create “robots” and their interaction with teachers and students.

Classified as low-resolution, the case’s first chamber contains devices to assist with CPR procedures, and these mannequins are presented as if they were human in stages ranging from newborn to childhood and adulthood. Some are buildable and can receive parts integration to create a patient history.

This is followed by the “live movement” of a real ambulance and its equipment of the corresponding emergency line, which is divided into trauma, pediatric and respiratory. The traumatized.

Pre-hospital care

“This area was considered due to the importance of pre-hospital care to us in the country, with the attention given to the emergency 911 system, the need to join forces to get a real ambulance was noted, which was not used by them and they were kind enough to be donated and set up to teach these staff,” said Ingracia.

There are four HD rooms, which provide both the teacher and the student with a pre-programmed, tactile experience, organized by a technician.

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people’s health

Dean Over voiced what he had to say, “To tell you this is for the entire Dominican people, especially for the healthy agglomeration and it is something new in our university, the students who are most benefited, I hope they take care of them and take care of the regulations that this simulation center has.”

adaptive systems

Each race will have systems adapted to the corresponding simulation. These will gradually open to the public.