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UASD presents curriculum redesign for the Department of Academic Planning – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

UASD presents curriculum redesign for the Department of Academic Planning – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

El Nuevo Diario, Santo Domingo. The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (FCES), at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), has delivered the study plans for the redesign of the curriculum through competition, by school, for that academic unit, to the General Directorate of Institutional Planning (DIGEPLANDI).

The Dean of the College, Teacher Antonio Ciriaco Cruz, thanked the efforts made to make the redesign process undertaken by each school to obtain the best results from each efficiency plan a reality today.

Ciriaco Cruz pointed out that curriculum redesign is not over, but rather is an ongoing process in educational academies, allowing institutions to create innovations and update their plans for better service.

For his part, the Director General of Digilandi, Teacher Noel de la Rosa, received from each school a document containing the study plans designed with the updated competencies, to begin applying them in each profession taught by the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences.

De la Rosa thanked the efforts of each faculty committee in reviewing and updating 10 out of 12 curricula according to the specializations of that academic unit, which allowed each school to submit its final report on the work it had implemented.

He pointed out in the same order that the academic capabilities of the faculty members who worked during this period gave the results that are being achieved at this time, for which the Academy thanks them and will reward them at any time.

The college authorities handed over certificates of appreciation to the work teams of each school, evaluated the redesign efforts and handed over folders with documents with the designed plans.

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The school principals thanked the support they received from the DIGEPLANDI technical team, who were always present in the work carried out by each academic unit.

Members of the college's governing body were present, including Digiplandi, and teachers Otto S. Cardero, Dr. Casilda Avila, and Ileana Ramirez.