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Chivatu and the problems of artificial intelligence in medicine

Chivatu and the problems of artificial intelligence in medicine

I have been practicing medicine for 40 years, and the changes we have seen in recent years are truly impressive. I'm not just talking about telemedicine, but about… artificial intelligence, who came to stay. This intelligence has already become more effective, efficient and effective than the doctor. For example, in an area X-rays When identifying the characteristics of lesions in radiology.

Computer programs based on artificial intelligence even exceed the percentage of correct answers for the specialist or radiologist or in his field Pathological anatomy. Also when determining the degree of malignancy. But we still have some important issues to be clarified in the area of ​​professional ethics and professional responsibility in some programs that allow diagnoses to be made and treatments to be advised. Let's imagine that the doctor decides to use an artificial intelligence system. These systems can make mistakes because Medicine It is not an exact science.

Let's see what happens. We'll have to take advantage of all of them to see what they have Its advantages and disadvantages and also its limitations. This is all an exciting area that we will see in the coming years as it develops. In any case, artificial intelligence It has come to stay In principle, it will also complement and come to our aid.

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