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New professionals in medical sciences graduate from Cárdenas

New professionals in medical sciences graduate from Cárdenas

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Public health in Cárdenas received an important boost with the graduation of about 80 young people who completed their studies in medicine and bachelor's degrees in nursing and technical professions.
The day before political leaders, teachers and family members, new professionals received their titles with which they enter the important army of white coats that Cuba has to respond to the comprehensive coverage of the system and international obligations for medical cooperation.

The important moment was the recognition of graduates who excelled during the training period. Some of them won golden titles for their effort and dedication.
They also enjoyed those who make up the Mario Muñoz Advanced Movement where avant-garde students congregate. They also rewarded students who excelled in teaching, sports, social impact tasks and the best student assistant.
Alumna Claudia Arteaga del Fond received the Scientific Merit Award for her satisfactory results in the field of science and technological innovation. Circumstances that, combined with her overall results, made her an even better student. It was the young doctor who read the graduate section.

The Graduation Ceremony of the Medical Sciences Branch of Gabriela Arias, in Cárdenas, was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Revolution, the 171st anniversary of the birth of José Martí, and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Family Doctor and Nurse Program created by Fidel. (lol)

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