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The Council “passes” the University of Burgos Medicine

The Council “passes” the University of Burgos Medicine

The Ministry of Education will not take into account UBU's request to sit down at a workbench to come up with positions on the cost and the way medical studies are carried out in Burgos. Last fall, the rector of the university, Manuel Pérez Mateus, asked the department headed by Rocío Lucas to create a technical committee in which the two institutions could present their positions regarding the creation of the new college, especially with regard to it. The investment necessary to complete the project.

Well, when this newspaper asks about the possibility of sitting at that table, the ministry simply says that “those decisions are made in the Academic Committee of the University Council.” The response adds: “But the relationship between education and all universities is very fluid, and there are ongoing conversations between representatives of the two institutions about this topic and any matter that affects the academic field.”

Therefore, the Council continues to trust the future of medicine in Burgos to what the University Council decides, which has already proven to be completely ineffective in this matter. It must be remembered that at the last meeting of the Academic Committee of this entity, the Rector of the University of Salamanca was the only one who opposed the application of medicine in Burgos. After that he never addressed the matter again. In fact, Pérez Mateos has already announced that his next meeting will be held in the spring, and this issue does not have to appear on his agenda.

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