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Ciencias de la Salud de la UAL recupera su patrón pensando en la pandemia

UAL Health Sciences is rethinking the pandemic

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Almeria was fortunate to finally be able to restore the celebration of its patron saint after a period when this was not possible due to the COVID-19 infection. Toilets played the main role in the fight, and for a long time I had very difficult times with them. That is why a very important part of the gala event held at UAL Paraninfo, along with the institutions, is dedicated to them, once awards are given to the best academic records for college degrees and before they finish mentioning a very special day. As such, Javier Lozano, Vice President for Sport and Sustainability and University Health, wanted to highlight in the initial intervention, “We have been suffering from an epidemic that has affected us both physically and psychologically, so we must give a point of optimism and sense that we are starting to salvage this situation.”

Lozano emphasized that “the time has come to resume the pulse”, and thanked the permanent and close cooperation between this college and its deputy in achieving the governmental goals of the League of Arab States, especially the development of a healthy university plan. Many activities were carried out side by side, under the same common goal: “We share a deep social commitment, count on many common collaborators and synergies with their large areas of knowledge; we walk together in health promotion and education.” He congratulated the students and faculty of the Health Sciences, represented at the table by Dean Gabriel Aguilera, who dedicated a comprehensive chapter of his speech to thanks: “After what happened in these years, with the spread of the epidemic and the difficulties of the development of student training, in this style we cannot ignore the recognition of institutions Which represents professionals who have carried out their work in an excellent manner, with dedication and generosity to the citizens, and for their time, appreciation also for their cooperation with the practices of those who will be professionals in the future.”

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In this line, Aguilera realized that “all work revolves around the student, who is the focus of our attention,” he was literally said to add that “to teach them and to be excellent in the performance of their craft is our obsession, but not only in technique, but in his humanity and sensitivity to the needs of others.” The Dean of the College of Health Sciences highlighted the new classrooms in the building, the implementation and augmentation of simulation scenarios with the necessary resources, “thanks to the administration, these projects have been committed more than ever,” and that it is doubling down on activities with associations, institutions and the community in general. Open faculty, Aguilera advocated “a social responsibility that students, and future health professionals, have to stand up for,” highlighting the fact that many are already collaborating as health agents in various programs: “Our students are the best value, the future.

The first part of the awards is specifically dedicated to them, with distinctions being given to the best academic records for the 2018/2019, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 cycles in various college degrees. It has been handed over to Iria Dobario, Maria Pilar Lopez, Carmen Maria Gil, Maria Martin, Antonio Perez, José Enrique Bernabé, Amanda Rodriguez, Nulia Torrigrossa, Adrián Martinez, Mercedes Perez, Ana Maria Capel, Laura Ferndez, Ana Maria Capel and Vernina Mordez. , Ana Maria Capel, Belen Jimenez and Alejandro Heredia. After these signs, the recognized institutions were called, which were the city council of Almeria, represented by Juan José Alonso, the Andalusian government, with the delegates of health, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, and Equality, Rafael Passamontes, the brigade of the Legion “King Alfonso XIII” with the medical colonel Francisco Javier Gomez to go to public schools. They were Nursing, represented by its chairperson, Maria del Mar García, of physiotherapy, with Miguel Ángel Lleida, member of the Andalusian College of Physicians, headed by Francisco Martinez Amo, of Pharmacy, with its Vice President, Alberto Rubio, Theater and Veterinary Medicine with its President Yasmina Dominguez.

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The following section is devoted to health centers and districts in the province, starting with Torrecárdenas and with Gádor Ramos, Director of Nursing, as representative, Poniente, and its Director Pedro Acosta, Vithas Virgen del Mar, also represented by Pilar Espejo, Managing Director, and HLA Mediterráneo Hospital, with Ines Maillo. Hospitalization Supervisor. With regard to the provinces, Poniente, Almeria and Norte were represented by their respective departments, Enriqueta Quesada, Teodoro Gómez and José Miguel Medina, as well as the Public Emergency Corporation, with its director Luz Garcia. The Almeria Provincial Council, government mandate and government delegation were summoned to the Andalusian Military Council before making way for the block recognizing academic positions, awarded to Maria Dolores Ruiz, nursing degree coordinator, and Maria Nuria Sanchez, degree coordinator in physical therapy.

Likewise, the teaching work of Genoveva Granados, Jesús Vergara and Isabel María Beltrán, in their cases due to retirement or cessation of teaching, and Ramón Fernández Miranda, have been recognized for his special collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences. The final section corresponds to the awarding of CPR awards and sports competition. The first was for Francisco Javier Rodriguez and Nuria Capel, the winners, and Teresa Rodriguez and Ana Ortega, the runner-up. The second, which was performed in the modalities of futsal, basketball and volleyball, the medals went to the physiotherapy teams in their entirety. At the climax of the event was enjoyed the conference “The Presence and Impact of Nursing and Physiotherapy on Social Networks”, presented by Javier Perdguero and Alvaro Bentino, and there was a musical performance by Rubén Hidalgo.

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