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UAI engineering and science students will participate in the international physics conference

UAI engineering and science students will participate in the international physics conference

From July 8 to 12 50th European Physical Society (EPS) Congress on Plasma Physicsone of the most relevant international conferences in plasma physics. This event brings together researchers from all over the world to present their discoveries, among them Camilo Vázquez, a student of Civil Mechanical Engineering at Adolfo Ibáñez University, who is conducting research in this field for his Master’s thesis in Engineering Sciences.

This is a unique opportunity for Vázquez, who explains that this is an opportunity in which he can present his work and make himself known among researchers from all over the world. “This could be the beginning of my own network of contacts for future research collaborations with professionals from other countries.”Hangs up.

During his presence at the conference, Camilo will present his master’s thesis in the form of a poster, noting that, “The posters are a great opportunity for students, as they allow them to get to know each other, talk to other attendees and get a complete view of all the conference participants.”.

Their research consists of calibrating a sensor that measures the pulse generated by a pulsed plasma cannon. “This work is relevant because it provides new results, allowing us to obtain pulse measurement systems for small plasma thrusters, with a wider range and greater definition than current similar experiments.”He explains that research is related to the manufacture of increasingly smaller satellites.

For Camillo, this is a special occasion for several reasons. “It’s a new experience, because it’s the first time I’ve traveled outside of Chile, the first time I’ve gone to Europe, and the first time I’ve attended a conference of this size. I’ll meet people who work in different fields, with different methodologies and budgets, and it’s enriching.” next toHe comments that he hopes more students will be motivated to explore topics that interest them. “I came here because I told my teacher that I wanted to study something new, and here we are, little by little.” It ends.

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