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UABJO invites you to view the eclipse at your science school

UABJO invites you to view the eclipse at your science school

  • At the UABJO College of Science (CU) there will be telescopes and lenses so residents can view the eclipse safely
  • Use special filters that meet the standards, and pay attention to the time of direct exposure to vision, as recommended by the university scientist

Oaxaca de Juarez, OAXA, April 6, 2024.-
To safely appreciate this impressive astronomical event, the UABJO College of Science invites the university community and the general public to visit them at CU, on Monday, April 8, starting at 12:00 noon, to observe this event through 3 telescopes and 50 lenses. Solar eclipse, which can be seen again in our country until 2052.

It is worth noting that one of the most amazing astronomical phenomena that arouses great astonishment is the solar eclipse. Seeing how day turns into night rapidly always arouses curiosity. In Mexico, there are great expectations for the eclipse that will occur on Monday, and it can be seen in several states in the country, with Mazatlan being the place where it will be seen in full.

In Oaxaca, this eclipse resulting from the moon's shadow as it passes between the sun and our planet will be partially visible (68%), as the area where this phenomenon will occur will be in the north of the American continent. “Because of the location, it will touch the penumbra, and then we will see a little more light,” said Doctor of Science (Physics) Irving Garcia Jimenez, a Bachelor of Physics professor in the College of Science at the University of California, California. Autonomous University “Benito Juarez”. “From Oaxaca (UABJO)

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To appreciate this phenomenon, which will start at 11:56 a.m. and will last about two and a half hours – in Oaxaca and Juárez it will stop appearing at 2:33 p.m. -, security measures must be taken to avoid damage. The particle physics researcher also said that sight can It will be permanent.

He explained that there are special filters that reduce the effect of sunlight, and they are governed by international standards that guarantee this safety. “You have to be very careful, don't watch it directly, and above all, pay attention to when you're looking at it.”

He explained that seeing the eclipse through reflection in mirrors could be more dangerous, because the amount of light is concentrated and closer to our vision.

If using mobile devices or photographic and video equipment, extreme precautions must also be taken, “When passing through the camera lenses the light is more focused. Such as when it passes through a magnifying glass and can burn lenses and damage equipment, especially our eyes.

Finally, he stated that it is not recommended to use binoculars, sunglasses, or polarized glasses to view the eclipse, because they do not protect the sight.

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