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Two Venezuelans who escaped their kidnappers in Mexico were shot dead.

Two Venezuelans who escaped their kidnappers in Mexico were shot dead.

immigration cartel“As described by human rights activists defending the rights of migrants, it causes foreigners, in their despair at not receiving care, to fall into the clutches of organized crime operating in southern border of mexico.

While the Commissioner of the National Institute of Migration (INAMI), Francisco Garduño Yáñez, is still roaming throughout the Mexican Republic, collecting his fees for selling immigration documents and permits to VIP migrants, on the southern border of Mexico. Hundreds of migrants are being blackmailed.Confirms Chiapas Diaries.

It was unofficially learned that Venezuelan migrants shot dead This Sunday in Tapachula, They escaped from their captors and decided to carry out their actions themselves.For which they suffered the revenge of the cartels, but it is the authorities who confirm this event or not.

Authorities know that there are safe houses in Frontera Hidalgo and Tuxtla Chico, where They kidnap migrants and hold them captive to demand large sums of money from their families and friends. But in order to release him, many authorities cooperate.

When we saw the authorities arrive, because they were wearing uniforms and badges, and they also arrived in patrol cars, we thought they were going to rescue us, but they only came to talk to those who had locked us up and there they said: “They gave them some packages in plastic bags and then they left.”

The health condition of the two foreigners who were shot is not yet known. They were helped by workers at a pizza restaurant where they went, who were suffering from gunshot wounds.

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