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Turn your €200 cell phone into a play rocket

Turn your €200 cell phone into a play rocket

Your smartphone is a gadget that hides a large number of options and functions inside it. Many of them are visible, while others remain somewhat hidden within the settings. These seek to ensure that the user experience is the best it can be, which means it pays to be familiar with them all Enjoy your games to the fullest Favorites on mobile.

3 ways to improve gaming performance

There are ways to Games work better Either within the applications themselves or in the device settings. You should always optimize your mobile operation so that the performance is at its highest and you can play without freezing, reduced loading times and best graphic quality. These are the three most recommended ways to do it.

Well configured graphics

The most important thing when playing is not to be too ambitious. If your mobile phone doesn't do much, go to the game settings and Reduces graphic quality, frames per second and textures At the recommended level for your model.

This will allow you to play mobile games smoothly and conveniently Without experiencing poor performance. In addition, the battery consumption will be lower, which means long, uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Activate mobile game optimizer

All or the vast majority of Android phones have it Booster game mode To enhance performance while gaming. In this way, the smartphone will take care of preparing itself for work, reduce the resource consumption of background applications, and automatically adjust the fluidity of the image Hide notifications So that they do not interfere during the match.

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In addition, it offers the ability to quickly take screenshots or record the screen, as well as improved Internet connectivity and touch responsiveness. Usually, it is enabled by default, but otherwise, it can be easily activated from a pre-installed application called “Game Booster” or “Games” depending on the model.

Disable Force 4x MSAA in developer settings

a A trick that not everyone knows To improve mobile game performance, deactivate one of the options in developer settings. To access them, each model has specific steps, but as a general rule it is usually done by entering the “About phone” section and tapping on the build number or current version of Android up to 7 times.

Next, open Developer Settings under Additional Settings and locate a feature called Force 4x MSAA that you need to disable. This is perfect for Avoid decreased performance When playing.