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They made an amazing discovery on Mars;  The probability of life on this planet is increasing

They made an amazing discovery on Mars; The probability of life on this planet is increasing

During the analysis of images obtained by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, an interesting system of parallel lines carved on the surface of Mars was revealed. These structures are of more than great geological importance.

But it is not only of geological importance, it is also of critical importance For exploration in the search for life in the solar system, As well as for upcoming robotic and manned missions to Mars.

The images show wide parallel lines on the surface of Mars, indicating the presence and movement of ice in the oxygenated soil of our cosmic neighbour. The presence of ice and water is necessary to maintain conditions suitable for life as we know it.

Mars. | picture: Getty Images/iStockPhoto

According to NASA, These patterns play a crucial role in the possibility of life and are not limited to the polar caps of Mars. But they also appear in other non-polar regions.

This phenomenon occurs when ice flows downward, following a movement similar to that of a glacier.They shape terrain by dragging rocks and soil with them in a process that can extend over thousands of years.

Ingenuity achieves record flight distance on Mars

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter on Mars broke the previous record for distance traveled in flight, reaching 705 meters between take-off and landing in Jezero Crater. Ingenuity, the world's first powered and controlled flying aircraft, achieved the feat on its 69th flight, carried out on December 20, with origin and destination at the same point.

Since April 2021, The Mars helicopter recorded 125.5 minutes of flight, covered a distance of 16.7 kilometers and reached heights of up to 24 metres. It is contributing its images to the planning of Perseverance's surface exploration.

The bara is half a meter long and weighs 1.8 kilograms. It contains six solar-charged lithium-ion batteries. Its four carbon fiber blades are arranged in two rotors that spin in opposite directions at about 2,400 rpm, much faster than a helicopter on the ground.

*With information from Europe Press.