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Tricks for free image design and editing in Canva

Tricks for free image design and editing in Canva

Canva allows users without specialized design training to create professional visual content that meets diverse needs. (canvas)

Creating invitations, cards, resumes, presentations, posters, graphics and posts for social networks has become a constant need regardless of whether they are students, teachers, businessmen, office workers or professionals in any sector.

To respond to this increasing demand, this tool was born canvaa solution that emerged with the aim of making digital design an option available to users without specialized knowledge and without necessarily having to pay a fee.

In fact, the platform has quickly gained popularity and is already being used by more than 135 million users All over the world thanks to the fact that it provides useful functions for free.

On the other hand, the paid version greatly expands the platform's capabilities while including advanced features such as the ability to adjust and share Brand collections.

That's why, to get the most out of Canva, it's very important to know some of its most popular features and tools.

Canva has achieved rapid popularity thanks to its intuitive interface and free template. (canvas)

Let's remember that this is Cloud-based graphic design software It has a user interface that is clear and easy to use.

In fact, to start designing, all you have to do is log in and upon entering users will find a file Dashboard Clean and organized, they can choose to create a design from scratch or use one of the many pre-defined templates, covering a wide range of needs, from presentations and brochures to social media posts.

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this too Toolbar main which provides quick access to features such as adding text, shapes, images, and more.

While the standout feature is the search function, which allows users to quickly find specific items within a large library of resources.

Canva has integrated a variety of templates, group collaboration tools, and the ability to publish directly to social networks. (canvas)

Canva offers a wide range of easy-to-use design and editing tools, including:

– Text editor: It allows users to add and customize text in a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors. It also includes formatting options such as lists, alignment, and spacing.

– Graphic elements: It includes shapes, lines, frames, icons, and stickers that can be added and customized to designs.

– Image tools: It allows users to upload their own photos or access a library of stored photos. It includes features such as cropping, filters, and brightness and contrast adjustments.

– Drag and drop features: They make it easy to add and place elements within a design.

Class functions: They allow the manipulation and organization of different elements in a design to create effects of depth and complexity.

Canva's use ranges from creating promotional materials such as flyers and posters to designing educational and professional presentations. (canvas)

Change wallpaper color

Canva lets you change the color of your wallpaper, Even if it's a photographIn this case, its color will change slightly to the specified color.

However, especially in the case of a photo, a step beforehand is required so that the background is not replaced with a flat color. For this it is necessary:

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– Click on the photo or wallpaper image.

– Click on the Transparency option at the top right.

In order for the background not to change to a flat color, the transparency percentage must be less than 100%.

– After that, click on the colored button at the top.

– At this point, the Colors option will open in the side menu, where you can select a color or create a new color manually.

Convert the image into wallpaper

This is a very simple method Set a background image, because There is no need to go through the trouble of inserting it and then manually resizing it to fit the size of the format you are working on.

To use it you must:

– Go to the left menu and place an image in the project, either from Canva or uploaded.

– Click on the image to select it.

– Then click on it with the right mouse button.

– A pop-up menu will be displayed showing the option to set the image as wallpaper and select it.

Photo effects

When you select an image in a project, even if it's wallpaper, you can find the options bar at the top of the screen Effects option.

In this section, you can select various effects that can distort the entire image and others will act on the elements in it.

Unfortunately, the beneficial effect of removing the background from an image is an option for paid accounts.