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Tony Costa: How was the meeting between Ala and Evelyn Beltran, her father’s new partner |  Celebrities from the United States |  nndaml |  fame

Tony Costa: How was the meeting between Ala and Evelyn Beltran, her father’s new partner | Celebrities from the United States | nndaml | fame

In May 2021, Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa They confirmed the end of their relationship after more than a decade they were in Alaa’s parents And they starred in romantic moments, and although there was speculation about a relationship, months later, the Spanish dancer confirmed that he had begun a love affair with Evelyn Beltran.

The relationship between the Zumba instructor and the Texas influencer has not been without controversy, with the latter being accused by followers Former Telemundo Personality For being a reason for the breakup, something the couple took it upon themselves to deny prompted Beltran to make a drastic decision about their social networks.

Despite this, the United States Celebrities They built a strong relationship, and even the model showed unconditional support as Tony Costa went through the ‘Celebrity HouseAnd the alleged Hints that adamare lopez I was going to send him in his videos.

Evelyn Beltran and Tony Costa show their love on social networks (Photo: Evelyn Beltran/Instagram)

Ala and Evelyn meet Beltron

After a year and nine months since they made their relationship official, Evelyn Beltran has met Alaïa in person, because both the Spaniard and the mother of the little girl, Adamary LopezThey tried not to affect her parting, so the meeting took its time.

It should be noted that although they both communicated by phone for months, this is the first time that Tony’s girlfriend and his daughter meet, an occasion that falls within the framework of Father’s Day, the date on which they both celebrate the Spanish.

For the special occasion, the influencer organized an outing for the three of them on a Florida beach, a get-together that was shared on social media to the character’s millions of followers.

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According to information from “Las Top News” compiled by meeting hold “Organic and naturaland even highlighted that there were plenty of laughs and hugs, showing that despite everything, the efforts of the little girl’s parents to make a smooth transition had paid off.

Mandy FriedmanAn entertainment journalist, highlighted the outing organized by Beltrán with the advice of a company that specializes in this type of event, and called Toni and Alaïa Beltrán to thank him for the details.

When Alaa saw her, she went to look for her and hugged her. What followed was pure play, whether in the sea or on the sand, as they built castles and played football, and the three lived together in great joy.”explained the journalist.

Evelyn Beltron left Miami after the outing

After meeting with Alaïa, the Texas influencer returned to Austin, Texas, the city where she currently resides, for an important engagement.

the reason? I would meet again timothythe only son of “La Bichota” as her followers call her, whom she has not seen more than a month after her inauguration in Miami.

finally togetherHe pointed to a picture next to his little boy.How I miss you, my loveIt was the model’s second message in her stories.

Tony Costa revealed that Alaïa already knew Evile Beltran (Photo: Tony Costa/Instagram)

Journey of Tony Costa and Ala

During the summer holidays, Alaa and her father will go on a trip alone, where they will enjoy many adventures.

Our vacation together has begun! How much we need to enjoy these well deserved holidays, Alaa had a great year of school and took 15479 Zumba classes 🤣🤣🤣 , now to restHe wrote on his social networks.

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How did you spend your father’s day?

In addition to the holidays, Tony Costa and Alya also spent Father’s Day. They go to a fun candy store called Fort Lauderdale Marshmallow Co.

More information about TONI COSTA

Adamari Lopez explains his silence about his relationship with Tony Costa

As much as they seem to be one of the most solid couples in show business, Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa separated in 2021 Since then, she has remained silent and has not revealed the reasons that prompted them to take this decision.

Specifically, he recently posted a video on his account Explaining that he did not provide other details of what happened to the well-being of his daughter Alaa, to whom he will tell the truth when the time is right. Learn more here.

Does Tony Costa still love ADAMARI LÓPEZ?

Although they are no longer a couple, the Zumba instructor and Puerto Rican TV presenter have shared several moments like Ala’s eighth birthday, where they choreographed “Wednesday,” or the girl’s first party.

The great relationship he has United States Celebrities It has led users on social networks to speculate that the feeling between the two is being maintained. In light of this, Tony Costa was consulted about the rumor on Puerto Rico’s I Know It All. Find out what his answer was here.

Adamari López is living a new phase after leaving Telemundo (Photo: Adamari López/Instagram)


  • full name: Antonio Costa Lozano
  • date of birth: August 20, 1983
  • age: 39 years old
  • Pick-up place: Valencia, Spain
  • works: Influencer, Dancer, Zumba Instructor
  • nationality: Spanish and American
  • Husband: Adamari Lopez (2011-2021), Evelyn Beltran (girlfriend)
  • Girl: Ala Costa Lopez
  • Instagram:
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Evelyn Beltran and Tony Costa have been dating for over a year (Photo: evelynbeltranoficial/Instagram)

Who supports Evelyn Beltron between Clara Cha Marto and Shakira?

Since his first appearance at the hands of Tony Costa In March 2022, Evelyn Beltran was the center of criticism from some users on social networks who blamed her for being the cause of the breakup with the Spanish and Arab. Adamary Lopez.

even like”the bug, the Catalan woman had to close her account on social networks and open a new account with fewer contacts and thus avoid accidents. For this reason, the journal He indicated who the Texans supported. Learn more here.