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Tomorrow is 60 years since the coup against Bush – El Nacional

Tomorrow is 60 years since the coup against Bush – El Nacional

Tomorrow marks 60 years since the coup against the government led by Professor Juan Bosch, an administration that marked a new democratic era, as he was the first democratically elected governor after the overthrow of the dictatorial regime of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.

Although his term was fleeting, not exceeding seven months, it represented an institutional and constitutional revolution at all levels, in which the people achieved many conquests and freedoms.

Reactionary and conservative forces put an end to his term on 25 September 1963 with a coup led by Colonel Ilyas Wissin Wissin.

His ouster generated widespread discontent among the population, which led to a military mutiny on April 24, 1965, which demanded Bush’s return to power. The Constitutionalists were led by Colonel Francisco Alberto Caamaño.

On April 28, the United States entered the battle by sending 42,000 soldiers to the country, but that intervening force found itself facing an angry people who courageously and bravely demanded respect for the constitution that had been violated in 1963.

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During the latter half of the 1960s, Bosch settled in Spain, where he developed an intense literary activity that made him one of the most important writers in Latin America, as a master of narrative, without leaving his political work behind.

The prolific intellectual published some of his most important works during this period: Dominican Social Formation, A Brief History of the Oligarchy of Santo Domingo, From Christopher Columbus to Fidel Castro, The Caribbean: Imperial Frontiers and numerous articles of various genres.

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After his ouster from the presidency, an interim government was formed and new elections were scheduled for July 1, 1966. Bush returned to the country and ran for president on his party’s behalf.

Although the conditions at that time were not favourable, the professor entered the race after being defeated by writer Joaquin Balaguer, who received 57% of the votes.

Long interventions

Professor Juan Bosch addressed the people through long radio interventions, where he stressed the importance of including people in enjoying the goods produced by society, and stated, among other things, that with injustice, ignorance and abuse, the republic of free men and women becomes untenable.