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Those who do not access medicine through EvaAU: “I will go to the private sector”

Those who do not access medicine through EvaAU: “I will go to the private sector”

The exams Evo 2024 It has ended, at least in the majority of autonomous regions, the ambition Medicine They are nervously waiting for the day they will meet Cut notes To see if they can get into the degree of their dreams. With hands shaking and almost out of breath after leaving the last test, most of these students realized this Medical writing Who realize the difficulty of achieving this. Although they have not given up yet, they confirm this Have a plan B If, unfortunately, they do not fit in Public universities Where do you train as doctors?

while Nicola Erema It is clear that if he does not reach the cut-off mark, he will try his luck in some Vital health score Since they don’t ask for an “exaggerated” degree like in medicine, others will be looking for a degree different way To continue fighting for their future as doctors. This is the situation Ines Gilabert, Who did this before EvaAU Entrance examination for the degree in private university And they accepted it. “If this happens, my intention Change to public State it sometime if I may.

How would you feel not to go into medicine?

After two years of studying for the baccalaureate with almost no rest, not getting the required grade can have a negative impact on Psychological health Of students. Although most claim that this would be “disappointing,” they do not see it as a fait accompli Personal failureAnd many of them will keep trying, either Repeat EvaAUOr through other methods that lead to your goal.

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“No, I don’t think this is a personal failure because I think I put a lot of effort into taking the tests. Moreover, I was tested Lots of opportunity And you may have tried a lot but then exercises or Teacher correction Emphasize that it is not what you thought, and therefore your grade is not what you thought. Paul sr.

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